Post your NM Last Call & Saks Off Fifth bargains!

  1. I know they had Chanel bags and shoes. Im waiting to see which ones... Anyone with pics????
  2. Gorgeous YSL bag.... great scored! Enjoy!
  3. Check your email, ladies! I got a 40% coupon from NMLC yesterday, good on any one regular-priced item until 11/15. If you don't get their emails, go to your local NMLC and ask to sign up. They will give you the 40% coupon when you sign up.

    Happy shopping! :biggrin:
  4. I also got that email. So I popped in yesterday and go this gorgeous Celine Tweed jacket. It was such a steal with the 40% off I couldn't resist. I ended up being $495 with tax. So Happy:biggrin:

  5. WOW -- Amazing! :yahoo:
  6. Barbie444 - You totally scored!!
  7. I got J Brand cuffed, striped shorts for 30 bucks at off fifth, some tory burch pants (reg over 200) for 28, an Armani skirt for l8 bucks (reg 180ish i think) at a local upscale store where I live called Joe Brand. They have these sales where they stick a "DRASTIC" sign on top of a rack and prices are ridiculously low. I found a burberry skirt there for 30 bucks but it was too big :sad:
  8. ^^Awesome shopping haul!

    It's been awhile since I've purchased anything at NMLC. I will be hitting the stores after Christmas, so hopefully I will have some better luck!
  9. I just remembered I also got some Chloe oversized wayfarers for 50 bucks at Marshalls. :smile: I loove them. I believe they sell (or sold) for 199.
  10. Off Saks yesterday:

    Tods loafers for men $125 down from about $400, men's Gucci Jacket - $450 down from way up there somewhere, women's $250 bulky cable knit, black cashmere neck snood for $60, YCL silk dress $200 down from $1350, Bagley Mischa dress $100, down from $450, black Rebecca Minkoff bag $212 down from $400. Saw dozens of fabulous buys, but not in the right sizes. Oh well, some other lucky people will get them. Happy shopping!
  11. Holy moly -- you really scored some great deals!
  12. Wow..this thread hasn't been active in a while! Just left the sale at NM Last Call (Grapevine TX). Lots of new arrivals (designer shoes) including styles by CL, Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Jimmy Choo and YSL. I bought a pair of black Materna CL peeptoes..for get this - $227! They had shoes for $227, $267, $393, $402 and $568. I even saw a pair of long boots (CL) red..for $800. And the YSLs are the Tribute sandals. Tried them yesterday but couldn't justify the color.

    Lots of "new" things on clearance for an additional 50-65% an Ali Ro dress, a DKNY dress, and a Diane Von Furstenberg dress for $130 TOTAL.
  13. ^^I look for DVF dresses every time I go to Last Call/Off 5th but the ones I see always have rips and snags :sad:. I'm glad you got one though!
  14. Goodness, I wish I had a Last Call/Off 5th nearby! Your deals sound incredible! I'm never very lucky at finding bargains at discount stores though..:tdown:
  15. Thanks for reviving this thread! Congrats on your new CLs! :yahoo: Please post a photo if you get a chance!