Post your NM Last Call & Saks Off Fifth bargains!

  1. Fun thread! I have a piece that came to mind immediately! I believe it was meant for me, so to speak. :smile: .... Pics to come! Such a beautiful piece.
  2. Ok, so cute little story with a happy ending. I was browsing through the designer clearance one day a few months ago and found this lovely little top, I took one look at it and I was like "wow, look at that detailing, those beads, shiny things, wow, gorgeous"...well, I don't remember my exact thoughts, I was just wondering, how has some lovely lady not snatched this piece up yet?

    I looked at the, this thing looks small, but hey, its worth a shot....I bring the gorgeous piece into the fitting room.. original price at Saks was... - $4500...Saks outlet price $1250...with an additional 30% off...

    Well, let me see if she fits...oh, heaven, she does.perfectly. like meant for me...I come out of the dressing room to look in the big mirror...2 of my favorite little ladies tell me so many women have tried it on and not gotten it for either the price or it being too small for them.

    You girls know as women, we sometimes have distorted images of ourselves and don't realize our true size..

    I didn't snag her that day....I was really trying to save more money these days, but if this beautiful statement piece was meant to be, I knew she would be there next time I was back....

    Another month later...mailer comes in - Take an additional 40% off clearance..I wonder is she still there...well, the outlet is about 30 minutes from my house, so its not always the easiest thing to get out there...

    Email special comes in about a month or so later - take an additional 50% off clearance, plus an additional 20% with your MORE card...are you kidding me...if its meant to be, this is the time..

    I call my favorite SA at the outlet and she confirms its still there...I tell her I will be there soon. She holds it for me. :smile:

    I took her home with me that night...and the ticket with tax was around $540, I believe.

    Its beautiful. :smile:

    Here come the pics





    I don't know if the pictures capture the beauty, and sorry no modeling pictures, its just me and the dogs at home right now.

    Fun thread!
  3. ^great story. It was try meant to be! Great steal! Some things are definitely worth waiting for!
  4. Suuuper gorgeous mspera!!!
  5. Thank you so much sneezz and xlovely! Your sweet comments mean so much!
  6. Welcome to the thread, mspera! Such a gorgeous top! I absolutely LOVE Escada. It is one of my favorite brands. Thanks for sharing with us!!
  7. NMLC Designer shoes and handbags event:
    CL Banana 140 in black patent and Dior City Peep Toes in rouge ceries
  8. Mspera-great story and it was meant to be! Teaches us to wait and be patient!

    Great thread! Today at Off fifth I got a pair of Majorca pearl earrings for $23 and necklace for $90. A few years ago I got Manolo metallic silver sandal heels for $140.
  9. Love those! $140 for CLs is a steal!
  10. Wow - that's a great score.

  11. This is really gorgeous - well done!
  12. Thanks, ladies. I wish they were $140! 140 mm = heel height

    The bananas were discounted from full retail by ~30% and are near impossible to find at a decent price. I had to buy them because I knew that someone would scoop them as soon as I sat the box down on the shelf and they were priced only $35 more than my personal CL/pair limit (not including tax).

    The Diors were ~50% off.

    I did the scout, scoop, and then sit down to try them on technique, all the while protecting my scoops from being pilfered by rovers. I picked up pairs of Channel, Prada, Blahniks, CLs, and the Diors to try on. I also tried on a pair of McQueens that were 1/2 size too small to be comfortable. The Channels were a wee bit too tight in the toe box and the Prada were 1/2 size too big, but I did seriously consider both of them.

  13. Oops! :shame:

    That's still a good deal! :tup:
  14. So after months! of waiting for these shoes to go on clearance it just didn't happen. I found them around June and was confused between the nude and black color but the more I contemplated the more they started disappearing.

    In the end I got the comfortable work shoes ever! I have a wide foot and its difficult but I still want to look like a stylish teacher ;)

    Cost: $90! No sales tax in Jersey! WOOT!