Post your NM Last Call & Saks Off Fifth bargains!

  1. :woohoo:I'm so jealous -- I love Ferragamo!!
  2. haha yes it is :graucho::biggrin: They had one other jacket available!
  3. Those look great!!!!! So luckyy
  4. OMG!!!! LUCKY!!! I DIE!!!!!!! ive been searching all over the place for this jacket!!!! Great find!

  5. If anyone is in the Denver, CO area, check out the Last Call. There is a black Chanel dress size 34 for 30% of 1800 and a black Chanel lace jacket size 40 for 30% of 2700. There is also a slate blue small Balenciaga bag (don't know style name, sorry!) with a crossbody strap for 1000. There are also a few other high end bags, plus two pairs of Tom Ford shoes and a pair of Chanel tights.
  6. ^^Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully a tPFer can snatch up those amazing deals!
  7. Wow, great deals! Too bad I'm not in Denver this summer. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Love them! What a steal, congrats!
  9. Yesterday I got a pair of Armani aviators at Off Fifth. I have no idea what the original price was, but I ended up getting them for $35! :woot: If I was smart I would've went back and bought them in more colors.
  10. Such a great price - congrats!
  11. Got this great 100% cashmere Burberry Brit sweatshirt from Off Saks! Great price too, originally $550, then came to Saks at $320 then on clearance for $205 plus 30% off! Final price was $144!
  12. What a great deal.

  13. nice!!
  14. just shop at Off Saks yesterday score a gucci messenger bag from the s/s 2011 collection. original price is 1950, tag price is 399 and plus 20% off extra, come out it only $319 and some change. :yahoo:
  15. Amazing find. The extra 20% was icing on the cake :smile: enjoy your new Gucci!