Post your NM Last Call & Saks Off Fifth bargains!

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  1. From Last Call. Originally $1450. With discount, $549. Anya Hindmarch Boots!

  2. The Boots logo from the health and beauty company! How perfect for a pair of boots. Adorable!
  3. I bought a pair of Burberry flat at saks off fifth for $229 plus taxes. Is this considered a good price ? Does anyone who own this pair know whether or not it is comfy? I'm thinking of maybe return them. IMG_1504317039.268385.jpg
  4. I don't thinks that's a bad price necessarily but the outlet has them very very often for around $100.(give or take)
  5. Oh really? The outlet price is better than saks off fifth . Maybe I should just return and wait for the outlet .
  6. Just call and ask them if they have any in stock!
  7. My Saks has a bunch of these for the same price. Just saw them today!
  8. I have these! They are super comfy but the buckle makes noise when walking. I think that's a good deal though, I paid full price.
  9. During the semi-annual sale you can get flats for about this price shipped from
    I wouldn't consider this an amazing find. The outlets definitely have some good deals but the only downside is there are pretty limited sizes or if the popular sizes come in, they also go fast so you'll need to act on it quickly.
  10. Got an Alaia dress final sale for $200!! Can't find pics online but it is navy, fitted through, boatneck with gold embroidery. I'm not 100% crazy about it on me, so I may consign it, but such a steal!

    I also saw a cushnie de ochs dress for about $150, but didn't pull the trigger. It had a nick on it that I rather not deal with.
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  11. NM Last Call. Marcie Medium 767.00 Marcie continental wallet 297.00. My SA sending photos from stockroom merchandise not on floor. IMG_5909watermark .jpg
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  12. Can any fellow TPF’ers share any intel on the merchandise left in some Last Call stores that are closing? I think it’s Potomac Mills & Arundel Mills locations. I’m wondering if it’s worth calling or doing any charge sends. TIA!
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  13. I haven't been in this thread in a while and I didn't know the PM location was closing! I can't say I'm too surprised though because I never really found anything good there and the merchandise was often damaged.
  14. I’m green with envy
    I used to live close to two big NMLCs and one Saks Off and made some super awesome purchases there. :girlsigh: Probably the best shopping experiences I ever had in terms of inventory and prices.
    Not impressed with online stores so far.