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  1. I love, pale blue and I love this Tabitha Simmons Flat Rise Ballerina from Farfetch:biggrin: 09022019TS_Flat Rise ballerina.JPG
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  2. It's a Givenchy birthday this year! I just ordered a GV3 bag and now these I got off Poshmark (description said they have never been worn and they are new release this season anyway). They just happened to be my size!! So I got them for 700 instead of 1200 CAD. Hope these loafers are comfy AND stylish!

  3. New boots for fall!
    0BCF2783-8008-4F2C-BE34-441A27618DF7.jpeg E462C9CB-85DE-4D80-B12F-100F26A690A3.jpeg
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  4. These are to die for!!!
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  5. I'm a sucker for all things polka dots :P
    IMG_2945.jpg IMG_2948.jpg IMG_2963.jpg
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  6. Very nice and very sexy, unfortunately today's trend is for flats which have no connections with the elegance of high heels, the
    connoisseur will appreciate and understand that looking good means sometimes some sacrifices for wearing such sexy heels.
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  7. Thanks :P
  8. upload_2019-9-12_6-31-48.png

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  9. These are very comfortable.

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  10. I’m not sure how I feel about the slouch above the ankles, but it might be inevitable. I do like these boots though... Any thoughts? I mean they’re only going to get more slouchy, right?

    C8723DE3-802C-4BD7-B51A-0424A589FA29.jpeg D0250672-7B0B-4D28-A5A9-80F012D0F11E.jpeg
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  11. I like them! But yes, they likely will slouch more as time goes on.
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  12. Love! Which size is the heel?
  13. Thanks! I like them too, and I'm leaning toward keeping them. It's still a little too warm to wear them where I'm at (although the weather is changing from day to day) but I'm sure they'll look great and I'll learn not to mind the slouch.
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  14. Converse addict

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