Post your newest shoe purchases here!

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  1. Thanks meowmix318
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  2. Got all of these in 2018/2019 so far. Just started my shoe collection!

    • Saint Laurent - Rock 40 Zip Bootie
    • Saint Laurent - Blake 40 Jodhpup
    • Buscemi - Womens 40MM Bow Satin - Tonal Black with Gold Locks
    • Tods - Double T Mule
    • Prada - Calazture Donna
    • Valentino - Studwrap Leather Mule Sandal
    5B3A5AEA-30F2-4EBB-BF3D-36BB82B38017.jpeg C5F809FC-7094-4B6E-B17A-D57A7275D08E.jpeg C8F3EBD1-E381-4620-BF29-F43765B51518.jpeg A0959D2B-5442-4B5C-A7BF-AA9D686694CA.jpeg 3DB0AA4E-E6E2-4D21-891A-D3A4A65CCAB9.jpeg 81B555A6-BCB8-4FAE-AF7A-3D23D473846F.jpeg
  3. Wow! I love them! They look fantastic on you. Are they easy to walk in?
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  4. Thank you fashionmaven999!

    Yes surprisingly easy to walk in, I was a bit scared in the beginning. But I do admit I will need to get used to them so I wont be as conscious when I first used them. Plus I really think the heel height helped, if I got the higher ones, I must have made a fool of myself lol

    But definitely enjoyed them last weekend, so looking forward to using them this wekeend and the future events :biggrin:
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  5. Just bought! Im so in love!

  6. LOVE all of them. Esp the buscemi bow ones!!
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  7. :loveeyes: enjoy.
    I have a pair of Jimmy Choo Abel in coarse black glitter, I got them in 2014.[​IMG]
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  8. Thanks! I never know how to wear them though LOL haha
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  9. Hmm. I can def see it with nice ankle jeans, tee and a crossbody. Or with ankle pants and a casual blouse on fridays to work lol.
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  10. Oh thanks! I’ll def try to wear them more when the weather gets warmer! ☺️
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  11. Stuart Weitzman, Upsy wedges in Hibiscus Aniline.

    Update to my Collection Of Impractical Shoes! Just got these from TRR because they had my name on them (well, not really, but they do combine some of my most favorite colors which is basically the same thing...). Now I wait for warmer, drier weather since these are happy summer shoes!

    (I do need to buff out some scuffs on the sides)
  12. Love the Sam Edelman 3rd pair. They run a bit narrow and the price is right :heart:
    BTW...I'm jealous of all the gals that can wear high heels, look great and can walk in them :shocked:
  13. The Row Coco snake skin mules
    IMG_4791.jpg IMG_4794.jpg IMG_4971.jpg
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  15. Can’t wait for summer. Thanks for letting me share. 0B58562A-C442-4A31-A41F-E554F2B5473E.jpeg