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  1. Oops sorry for the delayed reply. just saw this. Yes, they are true to size. I read that they run small so moved up a size and they were just too big, had to return them. TTS also feels a bit roomy. Guess once the stretch out more with wear i may need to use an insole of some type. Hope this helps.
  2. C56D0A53-8D0D-4807-B8E4-E7C3496D2971.jpeg Christian Louboutin Corsankle flats
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  3. 50F2AC91-9122-467C-AE8A-4761951B822F.jpeg Christian Louboutin Moon flats
  4. Thank You :flowers: I wore them for Christmas lunch and got loads of compliments and head turns:smile:
  5. As always on the safe, comfortable side

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  6. Christian Louboutin Simple Bille flat sandals. 20190113_193250_wm.jpg
  7. I ordered a pair of DvF Frankie Sandals today from Net a Porter, cannot wait till they arrive this Wednesday :woot:
    I’m a size 34.5/35 so I ordered a US size 5. I hope they’re not too big :heart:[​IMG]
  8. Nike 97 Panache
  9. My shoes arrived, they’re perfect. I had not any black strappy sandals, and I am too short to wear sandals with black ankle straps. I also wanted them to be dressy. So these are exactly what I was looking for, and they fit well. I love them :love: :cloud9:

  10. Thank you and sorry for the late reply been catching up with work and things after the holidays ...and I'm still in holiday mode lol.

    Indeed they are very unique I was going for the nude color but when I saw these I was like these are the ones I want lol...

    I will post some pics later tonight or tomorrow and will get back at you ^_^
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  11. Thank you :smile:
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  12. Nike wedges and Tory Burch Minnie Travel Sandals. I actually have the sandals in 3 colors. They are so simple and practical.
    IMG_1024.JPG [​IMG]
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  13. [​IMG]

    These Burberry booties
  14. Hi fashionmaven999/everyone,
    Here you go hope this is helpful :smile:

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  15. Great color and design
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