Post your newest shoe purchases here!

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    My newest purchase.
  2. First non-Louboutin purchase in a year, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, sexy, simple with a super high heel, my three qualifications for shoe purchases lol
  3. omg too gorgeous girl, the Dos Noeud is such a beautiful shoe and they look amazing on you!
  4. Those are gorgeous. Congrats.
  5. So I have been perusing the Rack stores in So Cal. In the last month, Nordstrom has dumped alot of designer shoes at various Racks. In particular there was alot of Prada. Prices were about 70% off. Here is what I found. :graucho: The Chloe boots and Prada black bow sandals were $299; most everything else was $159-179. The Valentino pumps were 'worn and refurbished' although they looked brand new to me, despite a new sole on the bottom-these were $199.

    It pays to be a frequent shopper. Last week I found a pair of new boots for $5; yes $5. All these shoes have the bonus of comfort, except the black sandals which are OK on comfort but way too cute to pass up.
  6. Love these.. Great pair to stray with :biggrin:
  7. Gorgeous new blade addition!
  8. Neon,

    Thanks, I have been trying to keep my desire in check recently... but there are just too many lovely shoes and boots in new collections for me to resist totally!
  9. Ordered these last night...
    Steve Madden Fraankie
  10. Another pair of Giuseppe Zanotti's arrived today. Still waiting on one more pair...
  11. I need a pair of these in red. They look fantastic on you.

    Sexy indeed. Congrats.

    Nice haul!

    You are on a roll.
  12. Hello,
    I just purchased and received these zanotti boots and would like some feedback. Do they look okay on me? Are they too bulky from the front view? I plan to wear them with dresses, skinnies and shorts. They were described as python but they are leather style python. I was a little peeved but not too much. These would be my first pair of zanooti. Thanks.
  13. Yes, the old friend desire :biggrin:
  14. Last pair of Giuseppe Zanotti's from the DSW $99.95 sale arrived today. Definitely my favorite :smile:
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