Post your newest shoe purchases here!

  1. Beautiful shoes. I really like them. The colour, the style and the heel - lovely.
  2. Just got these on the Bay... I'm so happy!!!!!! can't wait to receive them! I've wanted a pair of Marc Jacobs Lucite heels for FOREVER! I got them for a good price! I'm happy!
  3. Super adorbs...who are they by?
  4. [​IMG]
    my new collection, please tell me if the shoes make me so masculine.
  5. Score at Neiman Marcus Last Call -- one pair of Prada and one pair of Manolo booties --$370 including tax. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1374881560.909093.jpg

  6. Hi purse collector , they are Gianvito Rossi . Cant wait for them to get here!
  7. Thanks...modeling pcs when you get them
  8. The most comfortable and sensible work shoes I have ever bought. Ferragamo Carla 55 :smile:
    image (2).jpeg
  9. Couldn't resist any longer just added these to my collection

    Casadei blade in pewter patent.
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1375333103.037937.jpg

    I got these Nike customized today and should be ready in 5 weeks:smile: My new workout kicks:smile:
  11. Casadei :heart::heart::heart:, Love the colour :smile:
  12. Thanks iraa,

    I already have them planned into an outfit for a charity dinner next month, can't wait to give them an outing.
  13. Part of my Giuseppe Zanotti haul from the DSW $99.95 sale. Two more pair on their way:smile: