Post your newest shoe purchases here!

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  2. Finally got them! I am so excited.

    Fell in love with this style when I first saw them and nearly got them in full price back in April. However, the transaction didn't go through. So now, with the same price I got two pairs of them! Not a bad deal, but I see a shoe ban coming :shame: Anyways I am Sooo happy with them. They are nicely cushioned, and feel so comfy!

    Call for inspirations! How would you pair them? They do look a bit dressier, don't they? Thanks so much!!
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  3. I am sorry. :tdown: I hope they pop up for you.
  4. new Fendi:smile:
  5. Inspired by a blogger I follow on IG.
    Steven by SM Lipsrvce.
  6. They are beautiful.
  7. Hangisi :smile:

  8. I love my new Loafers!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371668543.549035.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371668573.160729.jpg
  9. That's too bad about the shoes! However I'd love to see the clutch. I was tempted to pick up that black one but I have me eye on another bag so I'll have to wait!! And yes...June as a month so far sucks!
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    Shoes from the summer sale. Got the Jason Wu for 129 gbp. The Choos at a fabulously discounted price at 125 down from 365 from Harrods and the Casadei Blade in Ecru at 50% off. Can't wait to wear these lovelies. :smile:
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    I love those! Sold out everywhere in my size sadly. I think they are quite versatile and work with both casual and more dressier outfits. Jeans would be a classic but also skater skirts or cropped trousers.
  12. Congrats on the Casadei Ecru, snap.

    Plus yesterday I just received fushia pair of blades, they are lovely match several of my outfits plus I think will work well as splash of colour with black dresses.
  13. I got these for a fraction of the price :smile:
  14. The clutch I got was the small black one with the strap across to slip your hand through...btw not to be an enabler or anything but Simons have their sale I think it's on second cut an Herve leger dress for 300!!! I about died when I saw the sale price