Post your newest shoe purchases here!

  1. WOW! The loubis are beautiful!!!:drool:
  2. Congrats on your promotion! I like the Louboutins, though they look treacherous to walk in :p

    I love these Miu Miu sneakers! They look adorable!
  3. Love them all! Especially the tributes, low heel option and on sale, what a steal! Congrats!
  4. Thanks! That's the one I'm especially excited about!
  5. Realized of alllllll my shoes, I did not have a basic red, closed toe pump.

    Giuseppe Zanotti
    image-625476843.jpg image-183736494.jpg
  6. thank you! I drooled a bit myself too..first pair..
    thank you! they're a bit harder then the muimui even tho the heel is shorter because it's thinner..xD
  7. Congrats, they look great on you!
  8. Bought these today. Gold Metallic!


  9. A few more pair of sale finds (still a few more coming:biggrin:)
    Prada wedges and chanel stretch spirit ballet flats
    prada nude wedges.jpg chanel stretch spirit 12.jpg
  10. Love, love, love! Congrats!
  11. The link doesn't show boots or any shoes...
  12. My two new shoe purchases, via my blog here :smile:

  13. Snagged the last pair in my size from NAP! :yahoo:

  14. Those Miu Miu shoes are too cute!

    They are a very pretty, shiny color!