Post your Neutral colored bags here!!! Neutrals Club!

  1. I'd like to dedicate a thread for the Neutral colors of Balenciaga, our unsung heroes :p ...

    Sandstone, Greige, Naturel, White, Taupe, Calcaire, etc...

    I'll start...
    Sandstone Work...



    Sandstone First...

  2. GREAT thread! Here is my new Natural Shoulder and Greige First I just sold. I will be getting my Sandstone Work soon and we will be twins!:p
  3. Nice thread idea!

    Here's my Natural Twiggy!!!
  4. Sandstone is such a lovely, lovely colour! What a great neutral Naturel is!

    My Naturel Twiggy will be here tomorrow!! I will post pics when it gets here!

    I wish you well,

  5. Beautiful bags everyone! :heart: Here are my sandstone and calcaire cities:


  6. cate22 -
    WOW - that is the prettiest calcaire i've seen! if i could ever get my white DAY back from LMB, i would love to share it here...:crybaby:
  7. incoralblue ~ great tread. love you sandstone work :heart:
  8. thanks for posting this....I just love the sandstone color and it's i'm hesitating to get a sandstone or natural or cornflower blue color in make-up clutch.....really hard to decide......sigh
  9. Here is my Greige First :love:
  10. Here are my neutrals --

    Sandstone Twiggy

    Truffle Day (I think it's neutral, anyway! :smile: )

    Great thread, incoral!
  11. Do anyone have a natural, sandstone and caramel? Can you post all three for comparison? I am much interested in getting a sandstone, but it might look like a caramel. Here is my naturel city, caramel first, and white box.
  12. LOVE the neutrals everyone! The Sandstone colour is just so lovely, and cate22 that Calcaire is just amazing!!

    I think the sandstone is really quite similar to the 05 Caramel. Anufangava, your neutrals are just stunning!

    I wish you well,

  13. My Naturel Twiggy is coming today and it will be my first light coloured bag, I worry about the lacing on the underside of the handles getting dirty. I plan to Apple Garde it before I lay a finger on it to help keep it pristine, but do you think that if the laces get dirty, I can wash them lightly with toothbrush, soap and water to keep them clean?

    Any tips from those who have light coloured bags? Oh and only using the strap is not an option. I don't like the Twiggy when it hangs on the strap. I use it handheld pretty much exclusively.

    I wish you well,

  14. What a cute thread ..Me likey likey...:yes:
    GREAT bags so far ladys..they all look gorgeous..
    Ill add my greige twiggy
  15. What a great thread - that sandstone color is TDF! Does it seem to age well?