Post your Muse here

  1. Hello my name is Robert.:yahoo:I am receiving an oversize muse and I wanted to see some pictures with you and your muse together. If you have any pictures of you, or your muse show me I am getting an oversize so I would like to see them thanks.
  2. If you click on my thread "Another Blue Muse" I posted a pic that has me in it. If you need it for a size reference. I am 5'10 and about 135lbs.
  3. My OS Muse. For size reference, am 5'7". Hope this helps!:heart:

  4. abi,your OS Muse is absolutely Gorgeous!:love:
  5. Thanks Antubella. i was in Rome having a ciggie with my friends near the spanish steps and i told my friends that i was coming back in a minute...i just had to pop into the YSL boutique (JUST TO HAVE A LOOK)...and well, i came out with this OS !!! Just could not resist!!!:p
  6. OMG:drool:...I adore the impulsive purchases:p and your cute story!!
    Again... Many Congratulations!!! :woohoo:
  7. Here's my OS black patent. I love it!
  8. I just got my brown croco patent OS. I love this more than I even thought I would! The color is like a beautiful milk chocolate. And the bag itself is lightweight which is fabulous since I'll stuff it to the gills with stuff.

  9. I love the black patent! :drool:
  10. love the black patent..
  11. i am inspired now to save for a muse