Post your most recent COACh purchase(Pics only)

  1. We all love to see new Coach products.
    Post your most recent purchase.

    I got these flats at Macy's today
  2. Got two scarves at COACH on thursday.
  3. you got the shoes at macys?!
    i thought they were just in boutiques???
    (i know you just wanted pics...but still...)
  4. I thought that too. So when I seen them at macy's today I had to get them after I heard they were SOLDOUT at Coach.
  5. I love the shoes! Thank you for sharing
  6. my zoe clutch and two scarves as well.
    I was given the westie fob on a whim and have these flats on the way.
    scarves.jpg zoe.jpg IMG_0755.JPG Project4.jpg
  7. omg (sorry no pics as of right now.. but) I love those shoes!! i think I absolutely need to buy them, and since I didnt see them on the website I was thinking they may have been sold out!! how much did yu pay for them, if you dont mind me asking???
  8. Here's mine. I also just got a Soho Leather Mini Skinny (tobacco color) to go with my Holiday Patchwork tote.

    Legacy Stuff:

    Holiday Patchwork:

    Signature Stripe:
  9. I just bought the Legacy Hippie bag in the khaki/ebony signature, but it won't arrive until later this week. I'll post pics then!

    Oh, and I love the flats. My Macy's has them, too; well, HAD them as they are sold out now.
  10. Wow, I am blown away by those lovely striped flats. I will need to start stalking my local Macy's and Lord and Taylor. Here are my latest:
    coach10.JPG coach7.JPG
  11. I'm not familiar with posting pics here, so I don't know how to attach them. I apologize if I am doing this incorrectly. But if this works out, this is a picture of my recent accessory purchases. The bag will arrive later this week, and I'll post a picture of it then.
  12. what my husband got for me today :
    sweet guy :love:
  13. hautemama: i love that
  14. I bought this for my best friend (for Christmas)
  15. mrs jones: You have a generous husband! I especially love the optic bag, but they are all beautiful! Congratulations!