Post your most recent clothing purchase!

  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you for letting me know! I looked online, and completely agree, colors are fab!
  3. Alice,you're welcome :smile:
    Take care, you might get addicted like me... :p
  4. Thanks CEC! I will definitely post shots when they arrive tomorrow. :yes:
  5. Love it!
  6. That's gorgeous.
  7. gorgeous jacket!!!
  8. Roland Mouret "Angel" Dress
    worn with Manolo Blahnik BB Heels



  9. Some new tops I ordered today. REALLY feeling colors lately.



  10. GAWWWWWWGEOUS. Seriously. You are so elegant, CEC! This dress looks like it was made for you. It fits beautifully in every way. Also, I absolutely love the color of your heels. You are a classy, beautiful lady! :woohoo:
  11. I am in a Tiffany color mode.
    I've got a jacket and shoes.
    turq1.jpg turq2.jpg turq3.jpg
  12. Thanks! That dress looks amazing on you!