Post your most recent clothing purchase!

  1. Hot mama, you look fab! ;)
  2. HOTT! Would be great for the upcoming summer "White Parties"
  3. These dresses are the best! They usually run a size small, so keep that in mind if you order them offline ;)

    and thanks for all the compliments everyone!
  4. I feel ya! I been going crazy too! Love this dress, so summery.
  5. Sorry for the awful iPhone quality/lighting!

    I went into on a JCPenney today on a whim and found these jeans with stitched designs on the sides-- for $30! I think they are so rad and am excited to wear them with a slouchy knit sweater + ankle boots in the fall!

    (I tried finding a stock picture but they don't appear to be on the website yet.)
  6. That dress is amazing on you. May I ask who makes it?
  7. I probably need to go on a ban... but this was the month leading up to my birthday so I ended up buying a lot of new clothes. Mostly blazers but also picked up a new peplum dress which I'm on the fence. I love the colour but my office is so casual (think jeans with a blazer thrown on top) so I need help deciding on whether to keep it!

    Got all of these from winners (cdn tj maxx)
    Lori Micheal Peplum dress: [​IMG]
    Dex Taupe blazer: [​IMG]
    2 Vero Moda Shift blazers in inverted colours
    1. [​IMG]
    2. [​IMG]
    Buffalo casual blazer: [​IMG]
    Max Studio emerald pencil skirt: [​IMG]

    Navy Tahari Versailles Pants with gold zippers from The Bay :[​IMG]

    Got these goodies from outlet shopping in the US
    Ann Taylor sleeveless w/ gold buttons down the side:[​IMG]
    Old Navy floral cotton shirt[​IMG]
  8. LOL thank you ahhaha
  9. Wow, what a price for Isabel Marant-esque pants.

    They look great on you!

  10. I ordered this top last night and am excited to wear to a dinner party happening in October :graucho:
  11. purple T by Alexander Wang Muscle shirt :smile: love it
    got the famous skirt to but had to send it back for an exchange, cant wait to wear them together. :happydance:
    Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 15.04.41.png
  12. here's the T By Alexander Wang shirt "in action" hehe :smile:
    love love love it!! soo soft.