Post your most recent clothing purchase!

  1. Is this from Aritzia? I was looking at them too, and this girl comes up to me and tells me that they're half off at and lo and behold, she was right and I got a black leather jacket for half the price. The styles probably aren't exactly the same as the full priced ones, of course.
  2. Happy dance!!! I will need some tips on styling it up !!! I could not believe it!
  3. Etro silk Tunic and Mario Grifoni dress/top. I love red and purple/orange together.
    P1050962 (480x640).jpg P1050935 (640x480).jpg
  4. ^Both are beautiful!!!

    My summer sale goodies:


  5. I am so obsessed with fringe, i could not resist these for a sale markdown to £10.00!!!
  6. Thank you! You have found some very pretty ones too!
  7. Got a new top and pair of shorts by Iro!! So happy! Great sale scores :smile:
  8. Yay! I :heart: :heart: :heart: IRO, great buys!
  9. Bunch of sale stuff from UO...
    image-1107333353.jpg image-2395572842.jpg image-426159926.jpg image-4205330189.jpg image-370907380.jpg image-155560079.jpg
  10. I LOVE that top, the length is perfect and the colour's good too, i want !!!
  11. I've been shopping like crazy this summer! I've found a lot of great items at Talbots, but I also found this cute dress at Ann Taylor for under $30, originally $148. It's really well-made and very flattering.
  12. blouses for work and play!


  13. Beautiful leather! Congratulations
  14. Just ordered these two from Revolve:

    Beyond Vintage zig zag lace tee
    J Brand The Kacie with leather stripe

    BEYO-WS63_V1.jpg JBRA-WJ685_V1.jpg
  15. There was no way I was walking out of the store without this dress. I just need somewhere to wear this!!!!!!!