post your monogram!!!

  1. ok so i am thinking about buying a coach signature stripe bag and i hoping that if you have the bag and did the monograming on it that you can post pics for me cuz i want to see how it looks! i'm not sure if i will do the monogram if i buy the bag!

  2. has anybody decided to do the monogram (ur initals)on this bag?????:shrugs:
  3. You know that you can put your initials in on the coach website and it will show you what your initials will look like on the bag?
  4. ^^Yeah or if you wanted to see it in person, stores have samples.
  5. i know you can do it on their website but i wasnt sure is it looks different in person i will have to go to a coach store asap to see it in person
  6. no it doesnt really look different i have it on the swingpack but i wont get a digital til christmas =[
  7. Here's a pic with my initials on the tote:

  8. ^^^^^thanks for the pic:yahoo: ^^^^^

  9. That's really pretty!:yes:
  10. Ahhh...thanks all!!
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