Post your Misc. COACH pieces here!

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  1. Please post photos, prices, style #, color, etc. . . of your misc. COACH items here; this includes briefcases, diaper/baby bags, etc. . . .
    As always, please no comments or questions, this Forum is for photo reference only.

    Thank you! :biggrin:
  2. #3569: Daphne Large Leather Satchel in B4/BK (Brass/Black) MSRP: $698.00

    Khaki Vintage Signature Metallic.
    Style number: K040-1496
  4. Metallic Khaki Signature Snake Satchel (G05Q-8K40) and matching wallet (FS6K31).

    Both purchased at an outlet.
    Collection1PF.JPG Coach5PF.JPG wallet2PF.JPG
  5. Coach Poppy Duffle.
    Style number: J05Q-6123
  6. #8935 Wool Plaid Zip Demi Bag
    100_2196.jpg 100_2197.jpg 100_2198.jpg
  7. Embossed suede beaded tote #10442 Retail $398 in Hazelnut


    Black signature beaded tote #10445 Retail $358

  8. Signature Demi in Opal
  9. here's the old version of the ergo (large) in black.
    coach ergo.JPG
  10. Not sure of what color the Demi is called but it came from the outlet in about 2001. The Zoe signature hobo is from about 2000.
  11. The pic didn't come though the first time. Here it is...

  12. Coach Pencil Case with 10 pencils. Not sure on the number.
  13. This is me and my patchwork tote!!!!
    Picture 190.jpg Picture 188.jpg Picture 192.jpg Picture 189.jpg
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