Post your Micheal Kors Monogram bags collections here

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    Thanks. It's the mirror metallic monogrammed large Bedford satchel. :smile:
    But I don't actually recommend the metallic ones as they easily get marked on the folded area, like this satchel, the folded side got black markings underneath & easily get scratched so you have to be very watchful on it.. I also never kept them without stuffing as the bag has the tendency to get crumpled.
  3. Very nice! It reminds me of the LV neverfull!!
  4. One of the main reasons I bought it :smile: I was between this bag and the Neverfull for a long time. No regrets, I love this bag
  5. Were you able to get the stain out? You can tell if a bag is coated canvas if it feels slightly like plastic on the fabric instead of just a cloth feeling. Good luck! Love your other bags too!
  6. Are the straps ok? I've been thinking about getting this bag too. The straps on both bags just seemed so thin.
  7. The straps are great, very supportive. I have to admit, the first day I used the bag they were quite stiff. I went to my sister's college orientation the first day I had it, so I used the bag ALL day, but after that they have softened up really well so far. No complaints :smile: I've had the bag for about a week and a half now. I imagine they can only get better
  8. Hi. Thanks! Btw, I found a magic eraser on the supermarket yesterday, I tried them on the bag but sadly it won't come off! =( I guess will have to leave it like that. Im also worried on ruining & creating more mess on the bag by trying to remove the stain. Thank you so much for all the hep! Appreciate them! :smile:
  9. so sorry for the stain! it is a lovely bag, just carry the stain side towards yourself then no one will notice it :smile: enjoy your beautiful bag:p
  10. here is one of mine. sadly, I lost the MK logo charm to the bag without even knowing how and where:shucks:

  11. :smile:
  12. My great find today at Marshalls. The MK Bedford monogram satchel.

  13. Has anybody ever seen this purse or know anything about it?
  14. Hi! Thank you so much! That's what I actually did. =) Can't do anything bout it, so I'm just loving it & flaunt it like what it deserved! =)