Post Your Manolo Blahniks!

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  1. hey ladies. I am new to this forum...but some might recognize me from another forum!

    I love Manolos and I think we need a thread that has lots of pics!

    So post away!
  2. okay here are a pair I just got in.

    I will post the rest of my collection tonight maybe. it will take away!

    I got these red alligator carolynes!
  3. here are pics from manolo's signing event i was able to go :

    me and a friend




    and my signed manolos :

  4. here are a few more.

    the cabbage shoes.

    the astocha...with rhinestone buckle

    and a small selection of others!
    cabbagess.JPG astochas.JPG samplecollection.JPG
  5. here is a pic of me and manolo at a Neimans signing event!
  6. Wow!!!
  7. :drool: Fabulous manolos ladies!
  8. GUCCIgal, looks like he wore the same outfit! this was in houston :

  9. haaha just a different bow tie...mine was in dallas.
  10. yes your name looks familiar I think I used your advice to aid me in getting a pair of LOUBOU"S ..welcome you will love it here
  11. I have a quick question - hope you don't mind me asking.

    I'm having trouble getting through to the MB boutique in NY. Have left 2 messages and no response. I'm calling at the right time so I know they're not closed. Has anyone else experienced that, or is there a simple explanation? In the past I've been able to get through immediately.
  12. klucelg..........

    they are in sale right now so they really do not answer. its packed in there because its the first week of the final discount.

    I would call towards the end of the week or next week. do you want sale or full price?
  13. guccigal is right on the money. Also, the boutique will not ship during their sales.

    Let me know if you need a great SA.
  14. Thanks guccigal07 and shoefan

    I see! Darn - I just need to do a phone order for a full price pair of Sedarabys. I've placed orders twice in the past with 2 different SAs. Do you have a recommendation? I'll try again towards the end of the week.