Post your MADEMOISELLE / MM Ligne pieces here!

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    Please post any pictures of your Mademoiselle {MM} Ligne pieces here, please include size, price, color or any other info you have.
  2. MM black tote...

    Info from NM tag...

    06A A32448Y01480
    Large Tote Bag

    Bar code 3572619 348257
    Chanel Bags 001.jpg Chanel MM Tote 001.jpg Chanel MM Tote 002.jpg
  3. Here's a photo from a NM catalog for that same bag, Mademoiselle Tote$1595 and Lambskin sling backs w/ patent leather toes w/ CC detail $575:
  4. Here is the "New Mademoiselle" lambskin flap bag in black for $2850, as pictured on this Bloomies mailer:
    New Mademoiselle.jpg
  5. New Mademoiselle medium camera bag.
    mademoiselle.jpg mademoiselle2.jpg
  6. Brown Suede Camera bag:

    Mademoiselle camera1.jpg Mademoiselle Camera2.jpg
  7. Here is my Mademoiselle Ligne Medium (?) Flap. She retailed for $1695 (I think) since she was a gift.
    Chanel Baby001.jpg Chanel Baby002.jpg Chanel Baby003.jpg
  8. Mademoiselle tote ret $1795, on sale 30% $1256 or so

  9. Black small Mademoiselle
  10. MM ligne flap in the choc brown med/large lambskin
    Choc1.jpg Choc3.jpg Choc2.jpg
  11. mine is tomato red...i think...:tup:
    red flap16.jpg
  12. New Mademoiselle WOC in black in lambskin