Post Your MAC Purchases!

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  1. I know there's a thread to post your recent purchases (Thanks Claire), but I thought we could dedicate one strictly for MAC purchases. I know there are a lot of MAC lovers here and thought we could get ideas/suggestions from one another's purchases!

    I wanted to get a "few" things from MAC and here's what happened :nuts:

    1) Fix+
    2) Strobe Cream
    3) 242 Shader Brush
    4) 187 Duo Fibre Brush
    5) 231 Small Shader Brush
    6) 209 Eyeliner Brush
    7) 194 Concealer Brush
    8) Brush Cleaner
    9) Empty Eyeshadow Quad (the one with 4 pans)
    10) 2 Empty Eyeshadow Palettes (the one with 15 pans)
    11) Select Cover-Up NW 20
    12) Select Cover-Up NW 25
    13) Lipliner 'Subculture'
    14) Fluidline 'Blacktrack'
    15) Fluidline 'Dipdown'
    16) Eyeshadow pot 'Brule'
    17) Eyeshadow pan 'Ricepaper'
    18) Eyeshadow pan 'All That Glitters'
    19) Eyeshadow pan 'Electra'
    20) Eyeshadow pan 'Silver Ring'
    21) Eyeshadow pan 'Knight Divine'
    22) Eyeshadow pan 'Black Tied'
    23) Eyeshadow pan 'Bronze'
    24) Eyeshadow pan 'Woodwinked'
    25) Eyeshadow pan 'Expensive Pink'
    26) Tinted Lipglass 'Nymphette'
    27) Tinted Lipglass 'Prrr'
    28) Tinted Lipglass 'C-Thru'
    29) Tinted Lipglass 'Oyster Girl'
    30) Lustreglass 'Venetian'
    31) Lipstick 'Hug Me'
    32) Nail Lacquer 'Gee Wiz'
    33) Nail Lacquer 'Shirelle'

    I should be all set for a while :upsidedown:

    So, what have you bought lately?
  2. ^^OMG thats alot!! lol
  3. I have a ton of MAC , I have 150 single eyeshadows alone ! On monday I have a package coming with two new blushes and 1 eyeshadow and some new select tint , I will post tommorrow
  4. Wow that's a nice haul.

    I haven't bought a lot from MAC lately. Just alpha girl beauty powder and melrose mood lipstick.
  5. huge hauls!! my last purchase was plush lash and viva glam SE lipglass
  6. my last purchase was alpha girl beauty powder and blot powder. i bought the blot powder so i could depot my alpha girl (i dont like the beauty powder) and then depot the blot so i could put in the nice pink heatherette case. :biggrin:
  7. yesterday -

    Dual Edge Eye Pencil in Phone Me/Text Me
    Eyeshadow pot in Club
  8. wow :drool:
  9. thats such a good idea! i like alpha but want to reuse the cute compact when i run out!!
  10. I just spent 250 at Mac last month. Got some new colors for my eyes, 2 new blushes, their mineral baked powder (1st time using it), and some brushes.
  11. Last week I bought:-

    Viva glam Vl lipglass
    Viva glam Vl Special edition lipglass
    Eye pigment - Tan
  12. valentine's and cellopink lipgelee and subculture lip pencil. love them!
  13. my goodness! buy a little at a time!! LMAO

    Im going to head in there soon for some paint pots. Never had anybefore and I got good reviews from them. Going to have them show my how to put it on and what colors will look good on me.
  14. I just visited Mac yesterday! I bought Blackberry shadow, 242 brush, some cleaner (love that stuff) MV2 Fragrance (one of my absolute favs!)
  15. LOL I bought 4 of the Heatherette Style Minx lipglasses (fuchsia) and Fafi lipglass in Squeeze It.
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