Post Your MAC Purchases Part 2!

  1. Really? I think Comfort looks kind of dark and I'm not fair-skinned. I guess we'll have to go try it!
    So, do you use MSF all over the face?
  2. Went to MAC the other day and picked up some goodies:

    E/s: Banshee, Buckwheat, Cross cultural, Mulled cider, showstopper

    Coconut ice nail polish
    Rich Life pigment
    Liquer lipglass

    Lipsticks: 5N, Empowered

    Blush: Light over dark
  3. Refined and Perfect Topping are my go to MSF. I normally only use them as a highlighter. I'm really tempted to try out the MSF Naturals because the textures of MSFs are TDF.
  4. All of this talk about Banshee makes me want to go back and play around with it. If it has really been reformulated, then maybe I'm missing out. I'll take a look at Fresco Rose pp too like a previous poster stated. It's on the dc list so maybe I'll grab one before it's gone.
  5. Thanks Mx2! I know we like similar shades of blush, so this helps!

    An MA tried MSF Natural in Medium Dark on me and it was a good match. I did like it but because it provides some coverage and I already had a foundation I was trying out, I didn't really pay too much attention. I can tell you it did feel nice on and I didn't break out!
  6. well dressed will look really pretty on you.
  7. Drooling over all the pics gals!
  8. Had a little treat for myself today. Picked up:
    Banshee e/s
    Handwritten e/s
    Girl About Town l/s
    Myself l/s

    And a sample of Universal Mix pigment.
  9. I received my latest MAC order today:
    Lovin’ It lipstick
    Utterly Discrete lipglass
    All Races & Banshee eyeshadows

    Zoom Lash sample
  10. I love Utterly Discrete! It makes my lips purply but it's sheer, not too dark!
  11. This really is the last big haul for a while...hubby finally saw the credit card statement...:shocked:

    The entire haul:

    Unbasic White, Dreammaker, Glamour Check!, Love Lace, Steamy, Club e/s
    Universal Mix pigment
    Painterly Paint Pot
    Dollymix blush
    Creme Cup l/s
    Extra Amps d/g
    Plush Lash mascara in Plushblack


    e/s close up...

    These are my first Starflash e/s (the top row)...and they really do rock! Great color payoff, blend easily...just awesome!
  12. ^ Nice MAC haul! I'm hoping to get the Creme Cup lippie soon too!

    OT: Nutmeg and Butters are too precious!
  13. Northstar! That is a great haul, great luck finding Unbasic White, it was sold out in most places a while back! Dollymix is amazing, so is Creme Cup! So pretty!

    Lovemysaviour I used the Brash and Bold and Push the Edge the other day, I used UDPP with Soft Ocre paintpot on top, then those two. I did not have any issue with it wearing poorly, or not lasting the day! Here is a pic!
  14. Thanks! I love Creme Cup, it's a nice pink that isn't too "loud" for me lol.

    Nutmeg & Butters keep me very one believes me when I tell people how smart they are with such unique personalities...I am just the crazy Guinea Pig Lady lol!:nuts: I love the bunny in your avatar, I used to have Netherland Dwarf bunnies as a teenager myself and they are right up there with guinea pigs as being one of my favorite animals.:tender:
  15. I actually had to order Unbasic White online from MAC, I wasn't having any luck finding it around here. I lot of the MA's didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked them if they had it. And I love Dollymix, it looks so bright in the pan but it doesn't come off too strong when applied since it is a sheertone. Love it!

    And nice job using those two gorgeous colors, I still need to pick up Push the Edge at some point. Such a gorgeous purple!