Post Your MAC Purchases Part 2!

  1. Gorgeous colors! I finally ordered Club yesterday, can't wait to try it!!! And Myself l/s totally rocks, I wore it again today...might need to snag a backup as well!
  2. Lo & Northstar - I still haven't gotten myself Myself! Need to do that before every stocks up their back ups! :p
  3. Lovechild & Pinkarat, great choices!
  4. MissTiss - I think every man woman and child needs Rich Ground, no joke.

    I picked up All Races e/s and Banshee e/s from Bloomingdale's today. I think All Races would make a great lid color/base for a cool-toned look, and omg Banshee is beautiful, and this is coming from someone who despises glittery shadows. First of all, the glitter, while definitely glitter as opposed to shimmer is at least fine and and pale silver. Secondly, it looks like 75% glitter/25% pigment in the pan, but trust that that distinction reverses once it goes on your lid. It's so gorgeous in the crease with All Races all over the lid (I'm NW15).
  5. LOL! We really do think alike. Love it.

    Ok, now that I'm thinking about it, I may have asked the MA if I needed Groundwork (as in the paint pot). If that's what happened, her answer makes MUCH more sense. I'm going to go grab it after work today.

    Lo, tell me about Myself The Lippie. I tried it on and it was totally a bust. Couldn't see it at all. BUT, I had also been trying on lots of different colors and my lips were more irritated and red than if I had just used Myself on myself (HA! - I had to). I really want it, but not if it is completely lost on my face.
  6. Ugh, I went on to the MAC website and checked out all these items you guys have been talking about and put them in my basket. I had also watched a video by Tiffany D and got some items on my list from her so now I have to come up with $130 to pay for all this stuff. Sheesh, this place is like a crack house huh (I mean that in a good way)
  7. :lol: I hear you!
    Lo- love the mac haul! club is a great colour!!
  8. Okay, it sounds like your lips were too irritated to do the Myself. This always happens to me when I start playing with gloss and stuff at the counter, lol. Myself is subtle - but try it with Subculture liner and you will see how cool it is. (I have very pigmented lips but somehow it works - and I normally hate anything mauve but this lippie is dah bomb).

    Let me know what you kind out about Rich Ground!!!
  9. Great to hear some love for Rich Ground and Banshee!! I have both - that whole collection along with Warm & Cozy is wonderful.

    I also loathe chunky glitter (didn't like it even when I was 13, heh heh) but for some reason Banshee attracts me. :heart:
  10. Yay for Myself!!!

    (That reads kinda funny, doesn't it??? :p)

    And I used to have Club waaaaaaay back and lost it somehow, so I reordered. I saw a swatch of it on Temptalia layered on top of a dark brown shadow, which makes the green in it really pop - looked truly amazing.

    I will try that for class on Friday. Dreaming up makeup combos and trying them out makes teaching a January session class somewhat bearable. :nuts:

  11. Get it get it get it!!!!

    It is made to be worn with Subculture. :yes:
  12. Yes, they are excellent. I get so wrapped up in the limited collections that I truly miss some great perm stuff. So glad I found these!
  13. I will have to try Myself w/Subculture too...I've been using it with a Dervish liner look-a-like plus Glamour for All l/g over it and find it to be the easiest combo to wear to the office daily, especially when I am still half awake in the morning getting ready and have a hard time making decisions lol.:sleepy:
  14. LOL! I usually spend too much time on my eyes and then my lips are second thoughts because I've run out of time. I'll grab a couple of different things and then just play with them at my desk while trying to read an email or memo or something :p
    Ok, I'll now get Subculture along with Myself!
  15. Well, thanks to Lo's encouragement :flowers:, I've been on the hunt the last few days for discontinued M2 and Starflash colours. On their merry way to me are: Go, Brazen & Bold, Mink & Sable (2008 release), and 2009's Smoke & Diamonds Starflash and Flourishing, Handwritten, and Graphology M2. Next on the list on grabbing some of the M2 and SF's on the current Mac website. After all, I've got several years of no Mac shopping to make up for!!!!

    I stuck with the relative neutrals but am curious about some colors such as Oneoff and Rated R, along with Fashion Groupie. Anyone care to chime in with an opinion?