Post Your MAC Purchases Part 2!

  1. Beauty Marked eyeshadow
    Vanilla pigment

    Yay for the new thread!:kiss:
  2. Is the Vanilla pigment a lot richer in color than the regular e/s?
  3. I'm not the lovely sabishka, but I can tell you that the vanilla pigment is a bit more rich in color...I prefer it to the e/s, actually, and I find that it blends better. If you were only going to own one pigment, I would recommend either Vanilla or Naked (which is more subtle than Vanilla). :smile:

    PS: I am going to answer your sweet PM ASAP!! :heart:

    Nice picks, sabishka! Beauty Marked is really pretty.
  4. Reposting this part since I was the last post in the previous thread, don't want this getting lost.

  5. Yep, it's online now.
  6. :yahoo: Great news!

    This makes me feel better about depotting mine right away. :lol:

    I just love the color.

    And I have gone so nuts for the Perky Paint Pot that I finallybought one off of ick-bay after having watched it on there for about 2 months, lol. It wasn't too bad, and I got a bit of bing CB. I also needed to buy some more wipes and another empty palette from, and I threw in some Our Pick lipstick just 'cause...I regretted not buying it this past fall, and it's similar to Runway Fave l/g, which I LOVE.

    FYI: You get free shipping with any purchase on through midnight Monday 1/18 with the code "POP."
  7. Ohhhh enabler you!!!!!!!:nuts:

    I'm all set to do my Vikings makeup tomorrow (well, later today I guess lol)...

    On the way home from some OT at the office I got:
    Purple Haze e/s
    Faultlessly l/s
    By Candelight 1st MSF, and I'm wondering why I waited so long!

    So the plan is to do a bold eye using Golden Lemon piggie, Purple Haze e/s, and probably a silver & white tied in there. Plus using Faultlessly l/s, I'll be all purpled-out. I'll have to take a pic of my getup.:rochard:
  8. I had no idea I had a CCO near me until yesterday :noggin: .. (well just over an hour away) .. sad thing is I've driven PAST it headed to a much bigger mall just to visit the MAC store there.
    I felt like a kid in a candy store oogling all the items and wound up with:
    Flourishing e/s (been looking for a nice green)
    Apres-Ski e/s
    Smoke & Diamonds e/s (had one already but thought I'd get a backup)
    Light eye prep & prime (never used this always a paint pot - hope I'll like)
    Local Colour Dazzleglass
    Black Russian Pearlglide
    Hyacinth Kohl Pencil (not sure why I bought this but was such a pretty shade of blue)
    Sweet Strawberry Lipgloss (only bought for the Hello Kitty packaging)

    I was a bit disappointed that prices weren't really that much cheaper .. about $3 off per item. I spent more then I should have because I was sucked into the this is a deal mentality.

    I'm now searching for a nice deep brown - might pickup showstopper today and then I'm done (for a week or two).
  9. I've jumped back into MAC in the last few months after several years away from the brand (yeah, I know, WHAT was i thinking :noggin:)

    Anyway, I am worked on building my stash and want some recommendations regarding the discontinued lines and what I should be on the look out for. Specifically, I'd like some color recommendations for

    1. starflash e/s (have none)
    2. matte2 e/s (have none)
    3. slimshine lipstick (have Bare which I love)

  10. The only thing I tried from MAC before is their powder and I hated it... buuut I wanted to give them another try, so I picked up some eyeshadows and I - am - in - LOVE! They're amazing! I like the consistencies, the way they easily glide on, their staying power, etc. I've used mineral eyeshadows for the past four or fives years and love them, but they can be messy. So, I love the no mess factor!

    I got:
    Satin Taupe
  11. :smooch:
  12. Awww!!! You are so sweet!!! :hugs:

    And here's a lil' pick of my CCo haul from yesterday - sorry it's a bit grainy!!!


    From L to R: Steal My Heart l/g, Rue d'Rouge Dazzleglass, Night Violet Mattene, Taupe e/l, Star by Night (Starflash!) e/s, Dreammaker (Starflash!) e/s

    I confess that I have a Starflash e/s of the reasons why I went to CCO was to pick up some Smoke & Diamonds for my mom and sister (they had a ton the last time I went), but they were all gone - not a surprise, I guess. I have absolutely loved every Starflash shadow that I have tried.
  13. Cool! Looking forward to your pics! And I warn you - purple haze is an awesome color, but you should put a base under it to make it easier to work will need to do a few layers of it so that the color pops.

    And where in MN are you from, if you don't mind me asking? (I used to live in the Twin Cities - and went to HS in Ohio). ;)

  14. Nice haul!! I know, CCO can totally suck you in...but you got some great stuff!!! Smoke & Diamonds alone is a treasure. I have Showstopper too, and it's beautiful. If you want something that blends better than that and is still a dark brown, though, you might want to check out Handwritten...I :heart: that color, and since it's a Matte2, it blends really well & has good color payoff. :smile: