Post Your LV Compliments :)

  1. We could always use another feel-good thread around here. So post a compliment you've gotten on your LV!

    Today I was killing time at Starbucks. A lady walks by, sees my MC speedy behind me and says, "Oh I love your bag. I have one like it too, except mine's not real." :roflmfao: That's a compliment, right?! Gotta love her honesty.

    Your turn...
  2. ^^^^ Ha ha ha... love that one!

    I've gotten a few on my sunnies:
    -I had just stepped out of my car and walking into school. A guy that works at the school stopped me and said "Hey man... I like your shades... Where'd ya get 'em?" I responded "Louis Vuitton". He lifted his eyebrows and said "Oh dang... you must have paid good money for those, huh? Alright, now you have a good day..." :supacool:

    -Some guy in my class wanted to try on my sunnies... I let him and he said "Dam*, I feel rich just wearing these!" :rolleyes:
  3. I was browsing the shoe department at Bloomingdales tonight with my new BH, and a SA commented, saying I should stop to get some new shoes to complament my lovely bag! (She was prob hinting that I need some better shoes since I was wearing Crocs with my 7-jeans!)
  4. A very old Russian male co-worker (from the ex-Commiunist Russia) pointed at my Damier Saleya PM and said, "Is that a real LV? It is very nice!"

    That made me smile. :graucho:

  5. non LV related, but I :heart: Crocs as much as I :heart: purses ..... can't live without 'em :yahoo:
  6. Well, my bags all get the casual comments like...."I love your bag," but the best was when I went to the boutique. It was very crowded, and I was carrying my Azur speedy with my framboise coeur attached as a bag charm. I literally had a circle around me of women who wanted to see my coeur! They were oooing and ahhhing over it, including the SA's! My coeur is like a little celebrity! :supacool: :nuts:
  7. heehee! i love reading these stories :smile: keep posting!
  8. My best one:
    (For my silver Miroir Speedy from a guy the mall) "Man, that is a HOT bag!!"

    And a weird one:
    (For my fuchsia Vernis PTI wallet) "I like your wallet, I have one just like it in black!"
    Um no, cause yours is fake. Lol.
  9. Just simply: "Oh my god that´s gorgeous"
  10. :roflmfao: ...."I have one just like it in black"
  11. aside from my mom's girlfriends gushing about my purses (don't know why lol). i've gotten 2 compliments towards my denim mini pleaty.

    the first was while i was at lesportsac in ala moana. one of the sales girls told me it was such a cute bag and that she was planning on getting one but didn't since there wasn't a wallet to go with it. my mom thought she was full of it (sassy mommy haha).

    the second was at the airport in oahu. it was bad enough that we had a big shopping bag from LV (my mom likes the boxes). a girl with this camp group was sitting across from us in the food court area. as she was getting up to leave she just stood there and stared at my bag. the other kids with her asked what she was staring at and she said "i LOVE that denim bag." my bf was kind of creeped out that a random person would say something to my bag and not me lol.
  12. hahaha!!! LOVE ALL THE STORIES!!!

    Recently- I was eating with my family at Benihana's in Anchorage and the server to our table (is that what it's called? with a grill in the middle?) said as he was handing me my sauces "THAT'S A BIG LOUIS VUITTON!" of course I had my Ursula with me!

    It's funny too- it was Prom night in Anchorage last Saturday and the ENTIRE restaraunt was filled with high schoolers (creating memories and indulging one another's dresses)

    but- it reminded me of my high school prom! I was Prom Queen in my high school and if I could kaleidascope back to 1997 and see myself today I'd probably cry AND PAT MYSELF ON THE BACK! hahahahaha!!!!

    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh the memories!

    OK- one more story but it's not LV- it's Coach multi-perforated--- I was at a college hockey game with my family (we go EVERYWHERE together) and it was at the end of the game when I was waiting for DH and DS to come meet me at the entrance.... well, here comes this tipsy woman forging her way through the maddening crowd and when she sees my purse she goes "NIIIIIICE BAG!!!!!!!!" so super duper loud a crowd of people dart their eyes at my bag like she's the red light special!!! It was funny tho- she was being DRAGGED by her hubby- you could tell he was annoyed at her "tipsy-ness"

    HAHAHAHA!! this thread is great!!!
  13. I was at Border's books just south of Atlanta, waiting my turn in line & the cashier said, "I can help the lady with the fabulous handbag"- black MC speedy.:blush:
  14. I get friends and acquaintances at uni who ask me if they can "try on my bag" :lol: (There is a good guy friend that calls me Louis lol)

    When I went to the boutique in Castlereagh St Sydney, a SA saw my CB papillon and said "that's a gorgeous bag, you are very lucky to have gotten one!". That made me feel good :yahoo:

    Hmm...I fail to think of any more incidents now apart from the "nice bag" comments...will return later :biggrin:
  15. I haven't gotten any compliments....yet! But I compliment them constantly so they're egos are in tact!

    I love the comment that woman made, much better than her trying to pass off her fake for a real one, those people are the worst! I think I spotted a fake deauville two days ago and was just staring at this woman's bag, I wasn't wearing an LV at the time, wasn't wearing any bag, and I saw she was thinking something. She was on the phone. Maybe she was just like stop staring at me biatch, lol, but who knows, she seemed haughty.