~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Yap absolutely worth it!!! ;)
  2. Love it! My first celine

  3. Beautiful!!! Congrats on your first!
  4. Thanks. I decided that the red lipstick micro more suitable for my build.
  5. Here's my new baby ... The grey croc phantom.. Love this color so much
  6. image-1632963547.jpg

    Me too!!
  7. My first Celines, tracking down the trapeze has been quite a challenge, thanks for the intel from lovely TPFers. The Trapeze was from KZ and Camel Micro was from Celine boutique.



  8. This is mine.....
    Mini in Royal Blue

  9. Gorgeous!! My dream color for a Celine Mini Luggage Tote :smile:
  10. Love this micro! :smile: congrats! Would you mind sharing where you bought it and how much you paid? Thank you :smile:
  11. Hi,

    Love your large Trio. May I ask what the dimensions are and how long the straps is?

    Did you have to pay customs taxes when DF shipped to you?

  12. My mini in royal blue 😍
  13. My 2nd Celine, a medium classic box in poppy. So pretty!

    The 2nd photo from Département Féminin is more true to colour.

  14. love love love this!! i debated getting this when i saw chrystalla's email, but technically i'm on a ban...jealous :greengrin: enjoy your new bag, post more pics so i can live vicariously through you!! :lol:
  15. I should be on ban too! I just sold a Chanel to fund this :p