~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Gorgeous!!! Love both bags!!!!
  2. A CLOSE UP PICTURE OF mini Coquelicot
  3. Cheer up with all ur ladies, plz allow my 2nd-time post it here. Love it so much:smile:-Navy mini smooth leather
  4. Never posted my second Celine purchase. Shoes from the a/w collection I believe.
    They look much nicer irl than in this crappy iPhone pic.

    I don't see much Celine shoes in this thread!
  5. Yay! I got a new SLG inspired by <b>ilsecita</b>

  6. ^is that a clutch/pouch its so you or does it have straps? (I don't know what slg stands for...)

    I want a clutch like that... I looove it!
  7. Is this a tote!! I like the different blacks, very stylish and non-traditional take on a classic color.
  8. Just got my hibiscus trio from NM troy!! I LOOOOOVE IT!! the perfect fuchsia i was looking for. I was a little bit worried when I ordered it because i don't really like girly pink, but hibiscus is actually fuchsia color that I recently looking for. Glad I made the decision!!!!! A early early valentine gift for myself!!!! YES! (Too hyper right now :p)
  9. My black smooth mini came today! :yahoo:

    (It's sharing the camera with my Souris mini)


  10. what a perfect couple :smile: congratulations on a complete set!
  11. thanks to you! :hugs:
  12. :party:
  13. Gorgeous bags...especially your embossed croc phantom, it's so classic.
  14. I have bought these quite a while back, just didn't have time to post them. Thanks for letting me share!

    With flash:

    Without flash:


    I still have a tri-color nano that hasn't been photographed yet, might do that tomorrow.
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  15. Beautiful Red and gorgeous picture!

    Beautiful croc phantom!