~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Yup it’s anthracite!
  2. Congratuations and thanks for sharing! I love the tri-fold! I just bought my first Celine e few months ago, a small belt bag (I have not worn it out yet though! Haha), and I am already looking for another Phoebe to add to my (still very small) collection. This one is a contender together with the nano luggage! Gorgeous! :love:
  3. Thank you! I've been eyeing the trifold for the longest time. I love how it's kind of "under the radar". This one is the medium size which I use daily for work. It's just perfect for my needs. I'm really wanting to get the small size now too! :biggrin:
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  4. @fuzzypill, I love your trifold! I think the medium size is such a head turner. What color is it? I’m on the hunt for one too in a reddish brick after reading the trifold thread.
  5. I had always wanted to buy a Nano Luggage for the longest time but it was always out of my budget. Then comes the Belt Bag and I fell in love with it even more. But as it is still quite expensive, I always put off buying one until last Saturday. I am a sucker for pink bags, so when I saw the baby pink/lilac Nano Belt bag on instagram last year, I instantly fell in love (but I lacked the funds to buy it then).

    Last Saturday, I walked into the Celine store in my country for fun and as it turned out they were having a "10% plus 10%" discount. Out of curiosity, I asked what colors are available for the Nano Belt aside from the ivory and red that were displayed, and the SA replied they have 1 more color in the back. He said it was purple but I still asked if I can see it. And to my surprise, it was the baby pink bag I loved! And it was the last one available too so I snatched it up without second thought.

    Here she is and I love her so much:
    pink nano belt bag.jpeg

    PS: I didn't even know about the drama surrounding the old vs new Celine till today :huh: It seems like my bag came with the new logo but I am still glad I bought her as I really love the color.

    Thank you for letting me share my latest purchase :smile:
  6. What a happy story and clearly you and this bag are meant to be! Enjoy using it :smile:
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  7. :ps: Wow this is so unique & beautiful!! Happiest Congrats to you...she was meant to be yours!:heart::heart::heart:
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  8. Pulled the trigger and got my dream bag, a black classic box. A bonus that I was able to find one with the old logo.
  9. Celine Soft V-neck pumps
    Sorry about the awful picture...
    7A530D3F-C85A-42B3-BFDA-1D69773C9961.jpeg 670C1C81-2A3F-41D3-89A4-D773DE024BC6.jpeg
  10. OMG. Me too! I saw a Brick Trifold (in Natural Calfskin maybe?) and now, I must have it too! Celine purchasing is quite addicting! :P

    Congrats on the new bag @fuzzypill :flowers::flowers:
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  11. Hi there, Céline fans.
    I wonder if you can help me, I am about to buy this bag pre-loved, but I don’t know the name of it, the receipt(from the Real Real) just say «Céline top handle bag»
    Thank you