~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

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  1. :ps: Truly GORGEOUS Spellwriter~BIG CONGRATS! Love all your mods:yes::loveeyes: I own 1 Celine burgundy/maroon bag & the color is TDF like yours...Celine does this shade better than anyone (imho) Your hair is beautiful too!:girlsigh:
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  2. You are just so sweet!!! Thank you! That’s my natural mess on my head so I always appreciate the compliments!!!

    Have you gotten anything new recently??
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  3. :wave:Well I LOVE your “mess!” Wish mine was half as nice! No, I haven’t bought anything lately as I’m in big downsize mode.
  4. My 2018 acquisitions and I blame them on Hedi. And these are all on installments...... ‍[​IMG]
  5. Celine nano luggage in light burgundy This is my first nano luggage and I feel like I’m gonna want more colors soon!
  6. [​IMG]

    Can’t believe I was able to snatch this cutie with the old logo, at a great price. Color is called frost.
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  7. Love this color! Would you mind sharing where did you get it?
  8. Wanted to share my first Celine bag with people who understand. Thanks for looking! :heart:
    celine trifold.JPG
  9. Hmmmm ... let me think :lol:

    Congrats, nano is fab as is kohl :love:
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  10. Congratulations :ghi5: I’m twins with you but haven’t used mine in a while. You look so good you make me want to now ...
  11. Wow this is gorgeous and it never occurred me to fold in the wings. It looks just like the bucket version when you do that. Two bags in one :congrats:
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  12. All perfectly gorgeous and well worth buying :love:
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  13. I love the box so much and with silver it’s rare. I have a nano in frost and haven’t switched out in over a month. It’s such a cool, fresh colour. Love it :love:
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  14. Your first bag is a stunner, the trifold is slightly less common but a stunning, gorgeous bag. Enjoy
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  15. Wow congrats!!!
    If you don't mind me asking what color is the box bag, is it anthracite? I love it!
    Beautiful collection btw!! I'm in love with the colors!!
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