~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

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  1. #4126 Nov 21, 2018
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    The berry and navy are minis and the taupe is a micro. They join my gray and antique rose nanos. Now I’m wondering if I need a cabas. I have issues!
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  2. I have a mini and a nano but passed on the micro and then wished I hadn’t. I also got 3 micro luggage bags. And two cabas bags. I wondered if I have issues too but clearly it’s a common theme to buy duplicates :lol:
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  3. I don't even carry enough to fit in a nano so I have no business with a micro, never mind 2 minis! Now I'm trying to figure out how to move all my work stuff onto an iPad so I can at least try to carry the minis to customer meetings. Geneva Carr carries one on "Bull" so surely my IT people can help a girl out
  4. That mini clasp bag is absolutely gorgeous! What is that color called?
  5. I hardly carry anything in my bags these days, a little cardholder and a pouch plus a few cosmetic items. So when I carry my big bags, the cabas being the biggest, my things just rattle around the bottom but I don’t care because I love the bag and the look. It’s good in winter because I can add a scarf and gloves and it not look so empty. Plus side - it looks good but is so light!
  6. The tag says 'Grape'
  7. Today I was lucky to catch a Nano Luggage in Kohl. They has 1 with the old and 1 with the nee logo-no question which I took with me: IMG_3617.JPG
  8. New to me striped solo pouch. Hunted for this special piece and finally found one!
    Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 9.13.36 PM.png
  9. I love this pouch.
  10. Thank you! I was thrilled to find it, and in great pre-loved condition. :smile:
  11. This is my newest addition! :heart: Céline nano belt bag. 20181206_133903.jpg
  12. Bought my first Céline last month!

    DFACB4B2-DB5A-48C0-9BF5-6D721BB09541.jpeg C7B41452-C071-43B9-ADBF-FEB2F465A445.jpeg
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  14. Just treated myself to a Black Mini Belt bag!

    If anyone lives in Toronto, Sak's at Eaton Centre is only selling Phoebe's collection right now. My SA said their current inventory was ordered over the summer, the new bags will not come in until first quarter next year the earliest (when their fall order comes in). Happy shopping everyone!
  15. Oh nooooooo what did I do!

    I am obsessed y’all, this color is to DIE for. But I should have gotten one earlier - it has the new non-accented logo!

    I don’t care though, merry Christmas to ME!
    9A675C1E-34E8-49B5-B16C-F796189911B2.jpeg 7E58D62F-16EE-4901-8770-1BC2A06F819F.jpeg 9FE4E627-C822-47CD-94FF-2C21B485F855.jpeg 9B4AC826-E877-4FC1-BF7A-F6EC85A7C0A9.jpeg
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