~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Sure, it was €3100, and the VAT refund is 21% excluding administrative fees for processing the refund.
  2. Thanks so much!
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  4. Beautiful bag. May I ask where you got it?
  5. What a collection!! Absolutely beautiful. I love each and every single one of your bags. I love the classic black Celine Mini Luggage. The Daffodil yellow color of your Trifold is gorgeous. I want your Micro bags and Phantom bag.
  6. IMG_1491783976.570665.jpg

    Washed Blue Belt Bag. ️ the color!
  7. Love love love that color, so versatile!
  8. Fabulous colour and do I see the elusive silver hardware on it? So envious :love:
  9. Whoa, this one is a BEAUTY!! Huge COngrats awbrat :heart::loveeyes::tup:
  10. Got this wallet back in December. I regret it now though because I noticed the hardware deteriorating only 2 months later
  11. How odd! this is mine, i got it in May 2016. Maybe check with Celine if this is normal?

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  12. Beautiful wallet!! I think I should. I'll update you when I do
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  13. gorgeous!! is that SILVER hw? if so, i had no idea Celine makes the belt available in silver!!! i love this color, congrats!
  14. Brand new tie bag in poppy!!
    IMG_2408.JPG IMG_2409.JPG IMG_2427.JPG
  15. 20170506_152817.jpg
    I am so happy with my first Celine:smile:
    Introducing my beige medium Phantom :smile:
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