~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Thank you for understanding me and my "serious C habit" that suddenly struck this week and I kind of live in a state of euphoria, starting my day with a bowl of latte and sipping it outside enjoying a sunny Sunday and reading C treads, thinking about my future purchases. Every piece I find to my collection gives me such pleasure, feeling and smelling the quality of leathers...a real obsession and to be cured, I hope, is to soon get my hands on more Cs and then hopefully calm down a bit :smile:

    Fortunately the shop is closed today but I will email my dealer more details, because I need a micro and nano. She is expecting a mini in lizzard?? never seen any posts here, but frankly I doubt her knowledge in exotics a bit so when it arrives I will see what it is, perhaps another python?

    In future I will write shorter comments to this tread but I know you fellow C addicts understand my exitement and eagerness, because it's like having a crush on someone 😍 and the sun is shining all the time and everything is just total bliss 😊
  2. Bells, read my innocent post about my C addiction and my C dealer and it made me laugh when I realized how it would sound if using such language in a public place 😄
  3. I just got my first Celine bag and I don't think it will be my last. Luggage tote in orange python ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373810057.365382.jpg
  4. :loveeyes::loveeyes:
  5. Slouchy? I don't think the trapeze is slouchy at all
  6. Jetsetgirl, your luggage is a beauty, love exotics❤ is it a mini or a micro?
  7. Just went to Heaven.
    I LOVE YOUR BAG:graucho::graucho:
  8. I was in Paris this past week and was able to find a couple of new additions to my Celine collection. My particular favorite is the Moon Nano which is such an unusual neutral - I haven't seen it anywhere else. Luckily, I saw a larger Moon luggage being shown to another customer so I asked about it in the Nano size. Lucky for me, they had it in stock!

    The little clutch was a find too - it's pretty versatile as a wallet and/or clutch.

    In all the Celine stores, there were Nanos in the following colors: Grey smooth leather, Red python, Yellow drummed, Caramel smooth leather (don't know the exact name of this color), Grey python
    004 resized.jpg
  9. My first ever designer purchase goes to this lovely Celine Phantom. Cant wait to bring this baby out! :p
  10. Pretty! Is this the new Fall 2013 red?
  11. New red nano and rocking new Isabel Marants. I've spoiled myself well this month hehe (:
  12. yes it is. fell in love with this when i laid my eyes on her... ;p
  13. Can you please do a reveal or post more pics? I need a red bag but I'm not sure if this is too much for a big bag! Thanks!
  14. Well, maybe slouchy isn't a good word. I guess the leather just isn't as stiff or structured as I would like. Looking into getting one in smooth leather.
  15. I think it's a mini which baffles me because it's huge. Sorry I don't know how to quote people I'm new on here