~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Thanks!
    He's a golden-doodle. He is a very sweet pup & will always be pup for me.
  2. I would LOVE a Goldendoodle!!!! What's his name??
  3. His name is buddy & he's actually staring at me probably curious why I am smiling at him. lol
  4. He looks like a Buddy!
  5. Hey! Where did You get the skates? Are they on sale now? Pretty things, congrats!!:p
  6. Are you referring to the petrol Skates? I got them in Paris at the Celine boutique.
  7. I love this color! Seen it in person, v pretty. Abt €1.7k right?
  8. My new Celine baby!!!! Got this from By George from Austin, Texas for only 1080usd.Thanks to a fellow Tpfer for the info:smile::biggrin::smile::biggrin: 1373364238350.jpg
  9. Soooo lucky! Congrats!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373372622.002574.jpg

    My new babe besides PS1 of my friend:smile:
  11. Thanks dear
  12. Hi, can I have the SA email or info, so I can contact her or him? I am like the trapeze and the price too! Thanks.
  13. Hello guys, this is my new celine trapeze! Thanks for letting me share! :cool:
    photo (2).JPG
  14. Love it:loveeyes: