~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. OK ladies and gents, I opened a modeling thread here.
  2. Hard to say, they seem to run slightly large. I took 39 and they fit a bit tight. I think 39.5 would have been perfect but they were out of that size. My feet are 25.5 cm long, a US 9 or 9.5. Céline sizing is all over the place: my skates are 40.5 and hardly too big at all, my mocassins are 39.5 and just right, and the high sandals fit me perfectly in a 40. Sorry if this confuses you more... but I think you'd probably need a 39.5 or 40 in the espadrilles.
  3. Been kicking myself for not getting a Trio 2 years ago when they were cheaper, so I finally gave in and got this!
    IMG_0191 - Copy.jpg IMG_0184 - Copy.jpg
  4. This is my favorite Trio, congrats, its a stunner! :biggrin:
  5. I love it, but now I'm torn between this and the yellow one..
  6. Finally mine :cloud9: Petrol Moccasins
  7. Omg I'm so excited that I found this beautiful micro luggage at Nordstrom in San Diego! It was sitting on the shelf calling my name!! It was fate because the sales girl said she put it out an hour ago after someone canceled their hold/waitlist for this beauty. I knew I had to swoop in and give her a home!!
  8. Hum both are great, keep the one you really LOVE! :smile:
  9. Great score at great discounts..
  10. Congrats:p
    Welcome home Micro
  11. hey guys!!!!
    i just recently got a yellow phantom...i love it but i kind of regret getting as the colour of jeans at times fades and comes on the bag..i have to be very particular to wear clothes with it..need your reviews and opinions on it!!!
  12. also please suggest me which colour i should get in NANO :smile:
  13. Congrats, I love the RED and looks great on you :tup:!!
  14. Oh this is gorgeous!!!
  15. hehe thank youuu :smile: