~~***Post your latest CELINE purchase***~~

  1. Realized we did not have a most recent purchases thread for the Celine forum yet!!

    Here are mine.. Please share yours! :smile:


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  2. Beautiful C!! I love your bicolor pouch!! Is that a clutch? I am contemplating getting a navy/taupe and would love to hear your thoughts on its functionality!
  3. Mini in Coquelicot with SUQQU GLOW LIPSTICK #18

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  4. I know I posted just recently but here they are again

    Tri Colour Mini Luggage, Grey/Burgandy/Ivory
    Bi Colour Horizontal Cabas Cobalt/Burgandy
    Trio in Hibiscus Pink
    Micro Luggage in Fluoro Pink
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  5. Absolutely love your tri-colour!!!!!
  6. ^Thank you!
  7. Love your tri-colour too, those colours look great together!
  8. BTW, I'm desperately seeking this bag too. How long ago did you purchase this one?
  9. Thanks S! It's a zip around wallet... I'll take pics of the inside when I get a chance. I love it! Very functional.. about the size of a zip around Bal wallet. I thought I would never change from the Bal money wallet but Celine made me :P
  10. Thanks Steph :smile:

    I purchased it last December, it was from the A/W2011 collection. I have seen them pop up on eBay/Bonanza from time to time. HTH!
  11. Really beautiful bags Syma :smile: my fav is the tri colour, it is so one of a kind unique!
  12. great purchase~~I am so jealous of the Fluo Pink Micro~~

  13. amazing purchases syma!! I love your trio and tri color mini. :love:
  14. My first Celine, a new to me Cream Mini.
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  15. YES! posting my new purchase here too because i'm so proud to own a mini now. :yahoo:

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