Post your kids outfit of the day!!

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  1. I thought it would be cute to have a spin off thread for the kiddies of “TPF”! Since becoming a mom last year my life is mostly consumed by my 10 month old daughter Autumn! I love shopping in general but even more so for her. So let’s see those stylish kids!

    Lastly, feel free to post anything baby related! Meaning favorite clothing brands websites, blogs that you love for kids.
  2. IMG_5867.jpg IMG_5850.jpg
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  3. IMG_0986.jpg
  4. IMG_1256.jpg
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  5. Trip to my hometown of San Francisco IMG_0349.jpg IMG_0350.jpg IMG_6719.jpg IMG_6727.jpg IMG_5998.jpg
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  8. She is just toooooooo cute! Congratulations :smile: My eldest has always been really into picking his ootd and “matching” :biggrin: his orange and blue sneakers have prompted a desire to wear this orange and blue shirt all.the.time. :lol:
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  9. Sorry pic didn’t attach

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  10. @Queensmama -I love it when kids start to develop their little personalities ️ He’s a cutie
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  11. She loves her dresses IMG_9735.jpg IMG_9747.jpg IMG_9751.jpg IMG_9766.jpg
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  12. IMG_9385.jpg IMG_9387.jpg IMG_9375.jpg
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  13. IMG_0409.jpg IMG_0410.jpg
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  14. IMG_0413.jpg IMG_0416.jpg IMG_0415.jpg
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