Post your kids outfit for the day! include pics

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    Show everyone your kids inherited your style. Or better yet, has better style than you. :nuts:


    Baby GAP silver sweater
    Hannah Montana sequined top
    Rebellete black skinny pants
    handmade vintage zebra purse
    target black flats
  2. ^^ she is so cute!!

    k-kay is just chillin' in her baby gap sweat suit, it's light pink with hot pink butterflies and her cute lil stride rite sneakers. she likes to be comfy like her momma :biggrin:
  3. ^^Hi thanks! sometimes I wonder how these kids figure out what they like to wear, is it because we make them wear what we want or because their personality tells us what they would want? I try to make my bubba wear comfy clothes (it's easier for me to clean up her messes that way) but I swear, she runs around screaming " Nooo! I want a princess dress!" :amuse:
  4. she's adorable! love the outfit. i hope my little girl enjoys clothes when she's a bit older.
  5. shes sooooo cute!! im looking for a pic of son in outfit one sec
  6. here is shopping with me the other day in his little nike track suit..

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  7. yesterday he was wearing a cute carters shirt in red with white under and white dior tracky type pants and these little dior shoes i had the photo on my phone bcuz my mum was making of how sad i am hahaha

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  8. fyi thats hubbys hand not mine
  9. ^^love the dior sneaks!
  10. thanks meluvs2shop and Babyboo! I'll be posting of her pics soon, we're up early for a party today.

    Baby Boo, where did you get those super cute sneakers? love them! I never really buy super expensive shoes for my bubba because kids' feet just grow too fast. Although i do buy Umi and pedipeds, see kai run but only when they go on sale! :nuts:
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    Baby GAP layered shirt dress
    stride rite leggings
    Baby GAP maryjanes
  12. I guess my kids' outfits aren't interesting enough to post pics. I learned pretty early on that it wasn't worth worrying about keeping their outfits nice when having fun was more important. I'm a huge fan of Target clothes:smile: Also, my daughter has never cared at all about what to wear. I just lay it out and she puts it on. Oddly enough, my son is the one who can be a little picky when it comes to wardrobe choices. He has his favorite shirts that he would wear all the time if I let him...
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    Sophie in Burberry tights. :smile:

  14. ^^so cute!!! i just love babies' little feet...
  15. Here's my bubba today! I just love these sandals...would have been perfect for V-day!


    Rebellette top
    Rebellette capri pants
    Dooney and Bourke tote
    H&M sandals