Post your July/August Purchases!

  1. Yayy, congrats sweetie.:yahoo::yahoo: I can't wait to see your pics. :jammin:
  2. '08 giant anthra city...
    ...but it was stolen :cry:
    i'm on a mission to have it replaced!!!

  3. ooh no!! what happened?!?! that's so sorry about that:sad:

  4. Lovely photo of you! Giant Anthra city looked awesome. I'm so sorry to hear it's stolen.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope you find a replacement soon (one should not be without a Bbag for too long). Good luck!
  6. Thanks pink, del and drati!

    Now I just need to find the 2 elusive Rose and Marigold (or Yellow) Firsts to complete my collection!
  7. youresexii, sorry to hear your bag was stolen.:hugs:

    Jzlyn, love your Tomato First!:nuts:
  8. Gorgeous! :nuts:
  9. Erica, your new Anthra is so pretty!
    Cant wait to see pic of your ever growing gorgeous family now :nuts:
  10. Jzlyn, double congrats for your double gorgeous new purchases! :nuts:
    Tomato is my favorite colour and I dont want to bore anyone again with me going on and on of how much I love 02 FBF!

    Totally love your purchases!:tender:
    We can be sisters now with the Tomato and FBF firsts! whoohoo! :drinkup:
  11. :nuts: jzlyn! These babies needed a thread on their own: GORGEOUS finds!!
    Both. Big congrats:woohoo:
  12. Argent First purchased from Aloha Rag
  13. So cute :nuts:
  14. B, congrat!
    You got another new 'oldie' whooohoooo :yahoo:
    It looks gorgeous, love the leather and the colour too!!! :nuts:

    And...what may that little, adorable acc be? :graucho:
    SPILL!!! :nuts: