Post your July/August Purchases!!

  1. Hi, I came across this thread at other forums. Maybe i shld start one here too, It could be fun to know about your new purchases:tup:

    Mine is my Vintage lambskin Jumbo Flap bag with Gold HW:love::flowers:
  2. Arrgghhh..I'm waiting for my jumbo to get here. The waiting is killing me....really...

    oops..forgot to comment on your lovely jumbo. Congrats!!! I love that!!! what year is it from?

    double woooppss....this should be in the Sept thread.
  3. Thanks Aurora;)
    *LOL* Frankly speaking, i have no idea which yr is my vintage bag.....:confused1:
    When u receive ur jumbo, don't forget to post pics here:tup:
  4. LOL.'s beautiful anyways!
  5. this is the one nicole richie was seen wearing in the other thread..
  6. gorgeous! :biggrin: where did you find her?
  7. Yes...similar but different size. Her is the XL jumbo.....:flowers:
  8. Thanks my dear! This beauty was bought from eBay;)
  9. Celia sweetie love your vintage jumbo:drool:
  10. Thanks Perce....i love ur new chanel collections too~U always have great taste abt choosing the right bags:tup:
  11. Oh I really like yours !esp the big G/H!:drool:Congrats!
    The XL is really monstrous!lol!
  12. Ohhh, gorgeous vintage Jumbo Celia_Hish... the leather looks so fabulous!! :heart:

    My July/August purchases (mainly middle-end of August, because all the bags I wanted showed up then :sweatdrop:, except for the burgandy diamond shine, which I found back in July). :smile:

    Black cracked patent medium flap w/ silver h/w! :love:

    Blue Fonce Caviar Jumbo w/ silver h/w! :love:

    Black caviar clutch! :heart:

    Burgandy diamond shine flap! :heart:

    Burgandy Diamond shine + Patent flap:

    Black caviar clutch + Blue Fonce Jumbo:
  13. lucky you! :heart:
  14. okay my turn...

    July purchase: 07A Black Reissue w/goldware sz. 226

    August purchase: My HG 06A Bordeaux w/s/hardware sz 226
    julypurchase.jpg augustpurchase.jpg
  15. [​IMG]


    Let's enlarge them.....Thanks for your pics! Love both of your reissues....GORGEOUS:tup: