Post Your JULY/AUGUST Purchases!!!

  1. I thought this would be fun!:tup:

    Mine is my '06 BG Pink City:
  2. Gorgeous BG, Marie!!!! This is a fun thread. I can't wait to see everyone's purchases.........let us see whatchya got!!!!

    Here are mine.......

    Caramel 05 City


    Plomb/Steel 07 Courier

  3. ^^ GORGEOUS purchases, Cracker!:love: I have the feeling that this is gonna be a yummy thread full of beautiful pics!:drool::heart:

    P.S. Cracker, I am currently waiting for my '05 Turquoise Work to arrive and I honestly can't wait!!:yahoo: After seeing yours I had to have one, too!:tender:

  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: That's fantastic! I'm so happy you found're going to LOVE it! :wlae::wlae::wlae:
  5. I had to take it easy since I am going on two vacations in the next month :tup:
  6. [​IMG]

    She needs no more introductions!
  7. Great idea, MarieG!! I love your BG City, so smooshy and beautiful! Cracker, I've been drooling over your City and Courier ever since you posted them! Polos, your wallet is beautiful! Fayden, I LOVE VIOLET! :heart:
    Do returned purchases count? I fell in absolute LOVE with the Brief style and bought and returned two because I wasn't in love with the leather at ALL.


    Sorry about this overexposed pic, it was in the car on the way to return it did I think to take a picture of it!
    Here's my Plomb City, which has a long story attached behind why I was "forced" to buy it while visiting family in Vegas!


    Cooper the Puggle got in the pic because he's a camera-hog! :heart: So here's a better one!

  8. I just got into Bbags in July and I had a bit of "testing" out different styles and colors, but here are pics of the ones I kept....

    My Gorgeous Sandstone GH Part Time

    Sienna Day

    Cafe GH Day

    Anthracite Part Time

    And... My Favorite...
    Aquamarine GH Part Time
  9. Thank you so much for sharing your July/August beauties, Fayden, Couturefemme and Starsnhevn!:yes::heart:
  10.'ve been BUSY this month!!!!:nuts:
  11. I wish I had one to post :sad:
  13. My Giant Sandstone Work purchased in July.:yahoo:
  14. Wow. love the Gh. Great photo:tup:
  15. This is my August purchase, my first Bbag, an 06 Ink Box.