Post Your Juicy Charm Buys :)

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  1. Now that we have our own section :nuts: I figured I'd start a new thread for pics of new buys!!

    I picked up these two over the weekend.


    The squirrel and the new cherries!!




    I don't know why his belly opens hehe.


    I just looooooooove his little pave tail!!
  2. [​IMG]

    a quick fruit salad


    and some friends welcoming Mr. Squirrel to the forest :biggrin:

    I can't wait to see everyone's ebay buys start trickling in!! :woohoo: I have one more charm coming in the mail that should be here today.
  3. another, love the orange slice and pear(saw it at the wantey)does this count?

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  4. love charms anotheremptysky! i especially love the orange slice. i bought the pear for my little sister at the outlet for next to nothing during the holiday sale (seriously, i think it came out to $12 or something insane).

    deedee- i love that necklace and own it as well. so whimsical!
  5. OMG AES you have the fawn?? That's one of my HG charms! Lucky!
  6. Anotheremptysky- I'm still on the fence about the squirrel but your pictures make him look so sparkly and cute!! Okay I think I'm officially pushed over the edge for the orange slice though -- it looks so juicy (lol)! LOVE your fawn too.
    I hope to add some of mine later this week--I'm so excited!! I'm excited to see everyones ebay rare finds too.. those will be nice!
  7. thanks girls! :biggrin: kayyle, the orange is a great one too!! the other side is pave, I like that it has both sides, less crystals to lose! liz, the fawn was my first charm and I stupidly sold it :rolleyes: but I was able to find another one for a decent price!!

    deedee cute necklace :tup:
  8. thank you:smile:
  9. (So happy there is a juicy section now!!!!!)

    Got these in the other day

    Sooo freakin cute in person :smile:
    I love them
  10. anotheremptysky - I never really tuned in to the fact that one side is paved, LOL! I really dig that though, like you said.. less stones to lose. hehee! You know what you need in your fruit salad, a green banana! And maybe a strawberry (chocolate optional).
    I recieved my pink paved cherries today, I must get the orange to have my own fruit grouping going on!

    Jprojectrunway - I LOVE those two charms! I have the teapot coming soon, I'm so excited! It the other one the small charm box with the pave crystal heart(I think?) inside?
  11. Love the new additions and great pics!! I'm pretty much on a ban so I'll be living vicariously through you all for a while.
  12. jprojectrunway, do you have the tea cup already? if not you so need the teacup now.
  13. I have the strawberry w/o chocolate but I left it on a bag (oops) and couldn't find it when I wanted to take the pics. I left my banana on a Coach mini skinny and it tarnished the heck out of it :tdown: so it's been out of commission until I can get some brasso or something. I'm really annoyed about it!! I think I need a pineapple to complete my set :nuts:

    Jprojectrunway I love your tea set!! I passed on those at the outlet and wish I didn't
  14. These are my recents!! I am still waiting for some more to come in next week :biggrin: I'm so bad, I'm supposed to be on a ban but I can't stop!


    Postcard - This is probably one of the plainest charms I have but for some reason I absolutely adore it! The faded colours of the front picture makes it look old as if it's an old forgotten postcard someone couldn't part with, and I somehow dig the idea. The cute message on the back I love too, I'm a sucker for quotes and sayings that remind me to stay positive :P

    Banana - Green bananar! Couldn't stay away from this one with it's paved peels!

    Pink Pave Cherries - So so cute with its two toned pink

    Tea Pot - Had to get this since my bf is a tea-aholic! I've never been a fan of tea but ever since I met him, orange pekoe and earl grey is a now an everyday must :smile:

    Retro Sailor Star - I'm excited about this one! I was at the mall today and found this in the display with the 2007 glasses. Didn't get the 2007 glasses (they're cute though!) but this star is really unique

  15. Kayyle -Those are great! I bid on those glasses but lost that you past up. How funny! Nice haul!