post your inside the lv store pictures and pictures from the store window

  1. I think it would be fun if everybody would post their lv store pictures. Bags in the store window can give you a different view
  2. I don't know if we can take pics inside the store...outside may be..

    I never tried..but I don't know if I will..
  3. you're not allowed to take pictures inside ANY store.. it's illegal due to copyright infringement. we always confiscate people's cameras for doing so, either give us the camera or delete it off of it.. we have catalogs for a reason.

    the only people that are allowed to take pics of stores inside are managers (visuals, district/regionals/store/etc), security, and press.

    and outside, you can't take pics of the outside unless you're like a tourist or have security approval - at least, in south coast plaza that's how it is.. outdoor malls may be different, because it's a more open setting, but even then some security/malls get a lil strict on that policy, because of the same reason.

    i know some people, and i hate to say this, but mostly chinese tourists (being in South Coast, we get a lot of tourists that will only be in the mall/states for like a month) are the ones snapping pictures of store fronts, store displays, visual displays, set up displays, and the only reason is to take the pics back home and set up a store/boutique/etc that looks pretty much exactly like it, but for cheaper of course.

    and technically, as a company, all stores' store windows should look relatively the same. that's why they have visual managers (i'm one for my company).. all store layouts should relatively be the same, and it also applies to what's on the wall inside the store, and what's being displayed/etc. the only difference really, is how big each stores' windows are, since that's probably the only thing that variates.
  4. thanks for the info Frozen....
  5. My friend took a video of us going up the escalator in the Champs Elysee store.. and yes, he got some good old security cut eye. Too bad he deleted it. Here's my photos.. yours truly in front of the store and my one remaining photo inside (my friend was quite bored as I wandered off).
    image1905.jpg image1906.jpg
  6. I agree with Frozen policy, but i like to see Vuitton inside store too! So curious!:graucho::P
    every time i go to Venice i'd like to take pics, but at the end i feel so embarassed that i don't make one! LOL
    By the way, i found this pics of LV in Venice by Google


  7. didn't know that. I undestrand it but to bad we can't share pictures
  8. Are you sure? I thought it's the Japanese tourists that takes pics of everything...:shrugs: Chinese tourists aren't as picture-taking loving.
  9. that's what i thought too.

    could be a false generalization, but i wouldn't know for sure.
  10. I also agree with both of you, karmen and siworae.
    In my country, Thailand, Japanese tourists love to take photo everywhere but just for their memory of travel :yes:
    Chinese tourists didnt spend as much as japanese ones in my country...that's maybe bcos their country provides cheaper stuffs than Thailand's and lot products here are made in china :smile:
    That's all just from my views, anyway.
  11. Frozen!! haha, we work at the same mall! :smile:
    People try to take pictures in our store as well and we tell them that we have a catalog with everything in it. I've actually seen security swarm people who take pictures like in the hallways looking into stores !
  12. sorry so off topic but siworae, i :heart: :heart: :heart: your avatar.

    i don't work in retail but i know that taking pictures in a high-end boutique like LV is a big no no.
  13. I heard many SAs telling customers not to take pictures inside of the store. I think outside is allowed.
  14. yeah i'm sure it's the chinese.. a chinese accent is very different from a japanese accent when i speak to them and hear their replies. japanese tourists take pics of everything for memory sake.. pose and fob pose (peace sign!)!! haha. :yahoo: it's all good and fun for them.. i've had tons of japanese tourists shop in our store and are like "can take picture?" and it's like.. not of the stuff, but of their friends/etc WITH US. so bizarre to me. hahahah.

    i've just seen a trend of chinese tourists snapping pics of the store/displays, not people in the store.. not people in front of the store.. the usual assumption is that they want to take the pics home and create a store that looks pretty much exactly like it. go figure with china's counterfeiting ring.. where else do they get their ideas to sell fake things? they probably figure it's not appealing to load them on a truck and sell it off, so they create a "boutique" like atmosphere, and they can't do that unless they visit a store and copy it's design/structure.