Post your halloween costume!

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  1. I know it's early, but being a student, I've already dressed up and partied. Anyone else? Anyway, I'll start.
    I'm Chun Li and my friend is a pirate. Ok, so I'm not blue, and I don't have knee-high boots, but hopefully it comes across. The ribbons in my hair were actually made from a cut-up shirt sleeve! Pirate girl made them for me :P
  2. I was Donatella Versace for Halloween. I've been working on her facial expressions all week, and my face is sore! I customized a basic blank tank top and a pair of black pants... and ironed on VERSACE on the back to help other party goers figure out who I am. They still had no idea!
  3. Great costumes. The Donatella Versace is too funny. Its a great idea and you look sexy.
  4. I was going to start a similar thread, Halloween party was last night, I just need time to find the pict ! will post later this week
  5. beatrice.jpg

  6. You guys all look great!
  7. lol.. I love that DV look! you guys look great!
  8. OK..this is me on Saturday[​IMG]

    Then here is me in downtown October 31, tonite I changed my boots for a more comfy style, I found mini Batgirl and we could not resist have a picture together.
    Here we are with my youngest son.
    and here some friends..
  9. looks like you all had fun...i haven't dressed up in years!!!
  10. my friends called me a 'skanky geisha' :lol::upsidedown:

    and i hate that the camera adds 8645lbs :mad:
    halloween 06 003.jpg
  11. Danielle,
    You look great! What a clever idea for a costume.
  12. OMG That DV costume is awesome! LOL

    Here I am. This costume (fallen Angel) actually has these huge awesome wings that go on it but it was a rough night with the kids so the wings got left behind! LOL
  13. I was a fairy.:heart:
    halloween009.jpg 1366708680_l.jpg
  14. I was a victim of The Birds (Hitchcock film):
    (unflattering shot as I was drunk with terrible posture)
  15. Cool costumes :smile:
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