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  1. #16 Jun 4, 2010
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    Classic Q faded aluminum hillier (small): I am 4'11" purchased from eBay.


  2. Petal to the Metal Natasha and Pochette
    Both in Cement
    Natasha $298 (Macy's)
    Pochette $150 (Saks)



  3. Classic Q Baby Aidan
    Faded Aluminum
    Purchased at Nordstroms $458

    No flash...
    With flash...
  4. Large Ukita in Steel purchased from Saks

  5. My new little PTTM Pochette :cloud9:

  6. Regular Aiden in Faided Aluminum
    paid $300 through eBay
    Not sure what season
  7. Very sorry - accidentally posted this in the MJ thread.
    Totally Turnlock Helena Tote in Putty
    $458 from Saks
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    Classic Q Natasha in Faded Aluminum.
    Purchased from $368

  9. Nappa Clutch in Antique Bronze w/gold hardware - purchased on eBay for $68 (lower right hand corner of picture)
  10. Classic Q Natasha in Storm Cloud (plus Black for reference)
  11. MBMJ Classic Francesca Q Tote, purchased from Nordies. Color: gunmetal (which is a medium grey), $538! Posted web pic to show the true color.
    MBMJ1.jpg MBMJ2.jpg