Post your great finds from the Aloha Rag's big sale!! (PICTURES)

  1. I just got my Chloe stuff from AR so that means most of you should be getting yours soon too! :yahoo: I didn't buy any Chloe bags but I want to see what you all bought so show me the money... :nuts::graucho:

    I bought the paddington boots and the red clutch. :love:
    Copy of IMG_1682.JPG Copy of IMG_1677.JPG Copy of IMG_1681.JPG
  2. Gorgeous :drool: slurp.... slurp......:drool::drool:
  3. So you were the one who bought my boot!!! :sad: So jealous!!! Both gorgeous. :love: :crybaby:
  4. Oooh! Love those boots :nuts: Super hot.

    My stuff hasn't been shipped yet :sad: I ordered a silverado on Sunday. I'm waiting (im)patiently for it :p
  5. The clutch is the cutest thing with the teeny lock!!
    And the boots are HOT.
  6. :heart: love ur purchases, esp. the red clutch w/the lock and key! adorable!
  7. Love the boots!
  8. ooo oo let's hear what kind of outfit you have planned for those boots!! I looove them!
  9. Love the colour of that clutch - and great boots too! Congrats!!!!!!!
  10. These are my very first Chloe bags. I absolutely love them!!! The package arrived about 15 minutes ago; that is how quick I was to take pics to show them off!

    It was also nice that Fed-Ex delivered my new LV bracelet as well!
    goodies.JPG goodies1.JPG chloe ivory.JPG chloe red.JPG
  11. I tried to get the red but they were sold out.

  12. Beautiful - I love both bags! :heart: Annette
  13. My first ever Chloes are here and they are GORGOUES!
    I am INLOVE......:heart: :heart:

    And I only paid $100CDN for customs!!!
    Picture 029.jpg Picture 032.jpg
  14. I have been following your search for a Chloe bag. I am so happy for you!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  15. Thanks.....

    Yeah its been quite the Chloe Purse nighmare, but its over and now I'm in Purse heaven......