Post Your Gorgeous Patent Leather Bags...

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  1. ~I know we have had threads on the shades of our bags and some on siggy bags.But I could not find one specfically for patent leather~ I too will be posting mine soon:smile: I really owe it to all of you patent lover's and madison shoulder bag lover's.The only patent leather bag I have ever purchased was the spotlight in black! I had it for a couple of months, then it started to peel:sad: So I did what we are supposed to do and I got another bag( not another patent bag)..But I have always loved the look and feel of patent leather.I think it is one of the easiest leathers to care for...So I have been looking at and just reading some older threads and I have chosen the Mia Patent Leather Tote in Dove!!!I love the size,color, and how soft and shiney the leather is...It is just a great bag at a great price:smile:So in a few days, I should be able to share with all of you!!!!:yahoo:
  2. [​IMG]

    Back Row:
    Mia Patent Tote *Dove*
    Madison Patent Maggie *Raspberry*
    Mia Patent Maggie *Cranberry*
    LE Patent Peyton *Gray*

    And the front:
    Madison Patent Sabrina (small) *Cobalt*
    Madison Patent Audrey *Jade*

    I think that is it...LOL!
  3. I love the JADE!!!!!!!
  4. Me too. Jade audrey is gorg!
  5. Her looks are deceiving...she is much more green than that. Like...a dark but bright green.

    She likes to hide behind that light color...LOL!
  6. Wow I love all your bags,very pretty, especially the maggies, I'm in love with both maggie styles!
  7. All's I can say is *WOW*~Those are Gorgeous:smile:I knew someone had the Mia Patent Tote...I love the lining in it!
  8. I have Jade Hailey.... I know what you mean:smile:
  9. I.Die.

    Your patents are amazing! Love them all!

    Patent is amazing, especially on rainy days!
  10. [​IMG]

    Please disregard the periwinkle Audry on the left (used in a color comparison thread awhile ago). The patent bag is the Alex and I absolutely love her. I would likie to find another patent bag.
  11. Oh Dawn you have the best threads...

    Here are mine and they are both Ergo's


  12. PCL, that is patent heaven. You have a nice, well-rounded collection of colors & styles.

    Grannytoabbi, I absolutely love the colors of your bags. I'm a newbie so I've never seen those before. Really points out how much I've been missing!
  13. PCL, those bags are all TDF....I am a sucker for patent too!
  14. Thank you;)I love your Legacy Accessorie's!!!I also love your Pink Patent Ergo Tote:smile:
  15. Here are my patent purses:

    Clockwise from top--small plum patent Sabrina, gray patent EW Gallery tote (I think that's the name), medium black patent Zoe, demi crossbody purse in graphite, medium petrol Zoe