Post your Gorgeous Men -- WITH PICTURES!!!

  1. I know there was a thread a while back listing our gorgeous men...but I think it would best serve us if we post photos along with our picks! So here are my "favorite" men!

    1) Karl Urban
    (my ruggedly handsome "bad boy"...Lord of the Rings, Bourne Supremacy)
    2) New Polo Sport model (my business man...*sigh*)
    3) Matthew M. (my cowboy!)
    4) Matthew Fox (my good boy next door doctor!)
    5) Paul Walker (my, "don't ever talk, just look good" boy)
    6) Russell Wong (my, "if I ever married an asian" boy...I'm asian, btw...:lol:)
    7) Brad Pitt (my, "hey honey, you know what I told you about walking around naked in the need to go in the front yard so everyone can see you" boy.)

    Your turn!!!!
    karl urban suit.jpg polo.jpg matthewm.jpg matthewfox.jpg paul walker.jpg russelwong.jpg Brad pitt.jpg
  2. 1) my hubby (which i know is not what you meant)
    2) jack bauer (no, not keifer...jack. yes, i know he's fictional)
    3) jake gylenhaal (brokeback kind of ruined him for me though)

    i have a thing for blue eyed men.
    DSC_00741.JPG j.JPG jack-bauer.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal - 1 - 300 - Jarhead.jpg
  3. ^Jack Bauer RULES.......LMAO
  4. jake gyllenhaal! omggg :yes: :heart:

    EDIT: I MUST add mr. tom welling:
  5. ^^ Oooo! He's HOT! I was disappointed when they didn't use him in the new Superman movie. But the superman they did use is also very yummy...
  6. 1. Kuno Becker
    2. Enrique Iglesias
    3. Derek Jeter
    4. Jonathan Rhys-meyers
  7. Ooh, Russell Wong. I've met him before...when I was like 13! LOL. My brother used to take kung fu and participate in tournaments, I went along to some of these events and for one of them, Russell Wong made an appearance and signed some autographs :smile:

    Currently I'm lusting over the new Superman- Brandon Routh. He is dreamy :girlsigh:
  8. Ooooh...I like this thread. Here's a few of "my men.":rolleyes:

    1. Tino Martinez (retired NY Yankee 1st baseman)
    2. Andy Pettitte (Houston Astros pitcher...I obviously like baseball players!):graucho:
    3. John Cusack
    4. Kevin Spacey (especially when he plays an evil character!)
    5. Mark Ruffalo (so adorable)

    I also totally agree with the Matthew Fox selection above!!
    Tino smile.jpg.jpg ph_andy_230x200.jpg john cusack.jpg kevin spacey.jpg mark ruffalo.jpg
  9. I miss Tino so much, ohh how I love my Yankees let me count thee ways. Andy was cute before he left us j/k he is still cute.
  10. Oohhh.. John Cusack... yummy!! :love:

    I love Johnny Depp: :graucho:
    jdepp01.jpg jdepp16.jpg johnnydepp.jpg

    Plus these 3 hottie overloads: Eric, Orlando and Brad yum yum... :tender:
  11. OMGGGG!! :wtf::wtf::wtf: But hey... yum yum... check out those abs and all those nakedness on Bradddd... :graucho: Oh, so this is what Angelina have to wake up to everyday??!! Wow... :love:
  12. Irissy,

    I totally agree with your triple threat (Orlando, Brad and Eric)!!! :love: Eric Bana was so sexy in Troy.

    I just saw the new Superman movie and the hero is very "dreamy". Who is Mr. Tom Welling?! He's hot! :choochoo:
  13. ^^Tom Welling plays Superman on the TV series Smallville. I think it is on the WB....
  14. For me it's David Boreanaz!!!

    He's my total dream guy....I absolutely LOVE him!! :heart::heart:





    Okay okay I'll stop.....I could post pictures of him ALL DAY!!! lol
  15. George Clooney.George Clooney.George Clooney.George Clooney:
    21257_0013.jpg 21257_0014.jpg 250132.jpg gclooney27.jpg MASTER-HOMEPAGE-7-7-05.gif