Post your fur items!

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  1. Now that the weather seems to be getting colder, I would love to see what fur items you have in your closet!
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  2. I have about 40+ fur pieces. Here are just some. Chinchilla, fox, Lippi, Tom Ford runway Skunk jacket (my fav), rex rabbit, mink, finn raccoon, fitch, badger, american opossum
    IMG_0426.jpg IMG_0425.jpg
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  3. There are a lot of threads too similar to this one I think but I just HAD to say - wow - what a collection! So many fur types too !
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  4. I know this thread is older, but I would love to resurrect it because I would love to see (and post) furs that don’t fall into the sable, fox or mink categories.

    I love vintage furs, and though many of them are no longer able to be sold for CITES reasons, I don’t doubt there are many here who have their mother’s or grandmother’s furs they could post.
  5. Forgot about this thread. Would luv to see your vintage furs!
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  6. So glad this thread is back!!
    My my, how my closet has grown since that pic :lol:
  7. Good point. There are so many lovely, and different, furs out there, would love to see them too!

    I have a lot of vintage furs that I purchased from various sources, some odd furs like Badger, American Opossum, Ermine.
    Ooh can lamb shearling furs fall into this category too? There are so many cute shearling coats in style these days :smile:
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  8. I look forward to seeing your collection. I am especially intrigued by the coats second and seventh from the left in your second photo.
  9. I took a few quick pics (sorry for the poor images, bad lighting)

    #2 is Rex rabbit by Joseph


    #7 is a Lippi cat cape with Finn racoon cuffs (this one is a second hand purchase)
  10. These are stunning pieces.
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  11. Thank you. I'll have better pics when I wear them. Dungeon pics aren't too flattering :lol:
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  12. Too bad we all live in different countries. We need a fur meet up like we do with bags. Lol
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  13. Oh PETA would love that :lol::lol::lol:
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  14. Number 7 .....
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